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Why Usabilla?

10 reasons why companies choose for Usabilla.

  • 1. Best user feedback tool

    It’s never been that easy to get in touch with your customers.

    With Usabilla Live, it’s fun and easy for your website visitors to get in touch and share their feedback with you. In turn, you can easily reach out and learn more about your customers.

    • Feedback Tool
  • 2. Strong customer voice

    Build a great user experience based on a strong customer voice.

    Listen to what your visitors have to say and improve your design based on their thoughts and feelings. Who - if not your customers - knows how to make your website better?

    • Customer Voice
  • 3. Continuous improvements

    Improve your website based on continuous user feedback.

    Web technologies advance by the day. Trends come and go. Users change. Keep in touch with your customers and stay ahead of their expectations.

    • Continuous Improvements
  • 4. Increased conversion

    Keep your visitors happy and make sure they convert.

    A good user experience allows for a better user flow, happy visitors, and ultimately more loyal customers and higher conversion rates.

    • Conversion Improvements
    • Happy Visitors
  • 5. Qualitative & quantitative insights

    Gain insights into what your visitors do and why.

    With Usabilla you can test how people use your design. At the same time, you can truly understand why your customers do what they do.

    • Qualitative
    • Quantitative
  • 6. Full customization

    Let Usabilla blend in with your own look and feel.

    A consistent look and feel ensures a seamless user experience. We make sure our tools are tailored to your brand image.

    • Full Customization
  • 7. Cross platform, cross device

    Usabilla works like a charm on any device.

    Capture valuable user feedback whenever, wherever people visit your website. Usabilla is fun and intuitive to use across all platforms and all devices.

    • Cross Platform
  • 8. User-centered Services

    Work together with our experienced & innovation-driven team

    At Usabilla, we put our users at the center of everything we do. Our team is extremely flexible and determined to provide you the best possible experience.

    • User-Centered
  • 9. Well-known customers

    Leading companies make use of Usabilla

    Leading enterprises like Vodafone, T-Mobile, Tele2, Spilgames, HP, News Corporation and Booking.com already benefit from Usabilla’s products.

    • Leading Enteprises
  • 10. State of the art technology

    Smart, fast and high capacity infrastructure to deliver the best experience

    Usabilla’s secure auto scalable cloud based infrastructure handles tens of millions of requests per day. Usabilla is specifically made to securely handle high traffic websites.

    • Security
    • High Traffic

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