Reflecting On 2018 And Looking Ahead

The best year for CX yet? Time will tell, but as we've just closed the chapter on 2018, let’s reminisce on what changed CX for good. Navigating this page will give you a bird’s eye view on 2018 but also kick-start you into the year to come. With the Forrester webinar on CX predictions for 2019, you and your team can prepare for what's ahead. Why stop there? Need an actual helping hand for next year? Sign up for a 1-on-1 conversation and let’s tackle your game plan for 2019 together.

CX Milestones in 2018


    We all knew that great experiences would lead to more revenue. With so many years of research now to prove it, it’s crystal clear people are willing to pay more for better experiences - 16 percent more to be precise.

  • Technologies Merged

    How easy is it to pull a Google doc from Slack? Or order an Uber in Google Maps? It sounds obvious now but a few years ago experiences were not so seamless. Imagine talking to your TV to get better Netflix suggestions…that’s the magic of user feedback with voice technology!

  • VoE Became a Thing

    Together with a focus on the people and culture of organizations, 'Voice of Employee' became an acknowledged term industry-wide. Employers started programs to improve recruitment, onboarding, employee engagement and off-boarding through VoE programs.


    From that hairdresser appointment booked over the phone with Google Assistant, to the press conference by Sophia the robot, chatbot technology is certainly stunning. Yet, we have all been disappointed many times by chatbots and that’s why 55% of internet users still prefer to interact with a human.


    Ever heard of the CX pyramid? As a CX professional you might wonder how to measure your CX performance. The pyramid is an aggregate of metrics, including Goal Completion Rate, Customer Satisfaction Score, Customer Effort Score and Emotional Score. It’s the combination of all those indicators (quantitative and qualitative) that not only tells you what your users need, but also what they enjoy so that in the end they’d recommend your brand to others.

Forrester Webinar
"CX Predictions for 2019"

As we look ahead to 2019, Faith Adams, analyst at Forrester Research, lays out the CX predictions for 2019, including five major developments that will shape the way we work as the industry around us evolves. Curious about the role of UX or how customer success management will adapt? What about the idea that stagnating CX quality will lead to destructive price wars? Watch the on-demand webinar and find out!

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World Map

BYE-BYE 2018!

With the expansion of our Amsterdam headquarters, 65 new faces joining our team worldwide and a smashing Global Exchange event, we couldn’t be happier with how far we've come in just one year. Since pictures say a thousand words, have a look for yourself and watch our best Instagram stories compilation! For now we wish you a happy 2019; let's make it count!