Meet the Team

We are a team of driven, creative people with the shared vision to be the best at what we do. Ambitious, passionate and determined, we all work towards the same goal: to make our customers happy.

Management Team

Marc van Agteren

Used to be part of the corporate world, now operating as a jack of all trades in the world of a fast growing software company. Love for photography, tech and an extremely wide range of music genres.

Roel Jansen

Experienced commercial guy with roots in customer engagement and a drive for success. Leading the commercial team at Usabilla to grow its international user base via happy customers and enduring client relationships.

Office Team

Kate Gopal
EA to Marc van Agteren & Head of Office

As the Executive Assistant, Kate acts as a sparring partner to Marc, supporting him in every way possible. She also ensures the office runs smoothly by working together with all the departments within Usabilla. Outside the office Kate loves to cook and organise dinner parties with friends.

Josh van Gestel
Business Controller

Each month Josh explores technological developments at our HQ. With a keen eye for detail, Josh makes sure that the numbers add up. Always in for a bike ride and bitterballen afterwards.

Irene Perk
Talent Acquisition Specialist

Irene is responsible for recruitment and always looking for talented people to join our awesome team. So if you want to work at Usabilla, let her know!

Astrid Beekhuis
HR Consultant

Astrid takes care of all the HR needs at Usabilla.

Wouter Clarie
Chief Information Security Officer

Belgian turned Dutch with a passion for all things security and a great love for 20th century art, jazz, opera, theatre, food, wine and beer.

Janelle de Weerd
Recruitment Assistant

Dual citizen from the states who has made the Netherlands her permanent home. Cat, music, and food fanatic who enjoys expanding her international network through travel and work.

Business Development Team

Lily Christensen
Head of Business Development - US & Americas

San Franciscan who brings her multi-culturalism and client relations intuition to the Usabilla team. With a broad knowledge of qualitative analysis and an affinity for problem-solving, Lily enjoys engaging clients in continuous solutions via Usabilla software. Eccentricities include affinities for geography quizzes, social entrepreneurship and Kasha Varnishkes.

Wouter Koch
‎Head of Business Development EMEA

Passionate all-round professional with a proven track record in both business development and online marketing. Enterprising, creative and result oriented with a customer-centric view. Stop by our HQ in Amsterdam and challenge him to a game of pingpong!

Robert Mulder
Business Development UK

Brews his own beer in a bathtub!

Jan Schoonis
Business Development France

Dutch multilingual enjoying the French way of life in Paris and responsible for growing the French Usabilla market.

Mathias Lutz Rackow
Business Development Germany

After 6 years as an International Business Development Manager in the automotive industry, curiosity brought Mathias to the top of innovation in online UX and CRO software; it is his passion to work with creative new ideas. Mathias believes strongly in the connection of fun, motivation and commitment and in his free time, he enjoys spending time with family and friends, travelling and getting active with all kinds of sports.

Maria Hiort
Business Development Nordics

Native Swedish who spent most of her adult life abroad (with more than 10 years in Southern Europe), now very excited to get back to her Nordic roots. With over 15 years experience in Business development in IT & Media, Maria is passionate about building effective customer relationships. Loves sunshine but settled down in one of Europe’s rainiest cities!

Line Frier
Business Development Manager Nordics

A “typical” tall and blonde Scandi-Cool woman who found love abroad and settled down in vibrant and pulsating Amsterdam. But, of course, you can never take the Danish out of a Dane. During the day, Line is always hard at work and has her mind set on the importance of establishing effective and beneficial customer relationships. In the evenings, you'll most often find her with a glass of wine surrounded by friends.

Florian Gendrault
Business Development Benelux

Commercial Dutchie responsible for developing the Benelux market. Florian loves sports and everything that moves fast, like technology and motorcycles.

Tjeerd van der Putten
Business Development Representative Benelux

Burgundian from the south of Holland responsible for expanding the Benelux market. Loves riding (off road) motorcycle and passionate about a wide variety of music - as long as it's funky!

Sied Vlietstra
Business Development Manager Spain

Dutchie with Frisian roots. Enjoys building lasting relationships with clients and providing them with high-class service. Passionate about running, hiking and ice-skating. His dream? To skate the Eleven Cities Tour (the biggest ice-skating tour in the world) at least once in his life!

Daniel Rounds
Business Development Manager UK

Brit responsible for business development in the UK market and beyond. When he's not drinking tea, Dan is passionate about establishing long lasting relationships with clients by providing them with​ ​innovative and​ ​pioneering solutions with a first class level of service​.

Julia Franta
Business Development Germany

When she's not busy offering high-end UX software to the DACH region, she's passionate about travelling and catching up with her loved ones in Amsterdam, Vienna or Lisbon.

Julie Marie Walther
Business Development Manager France

With a lot of a business development and account management experience; Julie is acquisition driven, results oriented and has the ability to deliver end-to-end projects.

Nick Coulson
Business Acquisition Executive (NYC)

Native Chicagoan who came to New York City for college and stayed to build a career. After spending three years working as an Investment Banker, Nick escaped the world of Wall Street to follow his desire to work at the forefront of technology. Nick is responsible for helping North American eCommerce businesses understand the value of collecting segmented visual feedback in real time.

Morgan Kluss
Business Acquisition Executive (NYC)

Morgan loves to listen to a wide range of tunes (Country to Rap to Classical, etc) while she participates in outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking & camping; she also just adopted two kittens!

Francesca McCallum-Suarez
Business Development Representative

A polyglot citizen of the world who loves a good challenge. Foodie, sneakerhead and puppy-lover; you can always find me at a food festival or walking my chow chow Leo.

Rachel Bodony
Business Development Representative

Rachel uses her passion for people and what makes them tick to forge meaningful connections with clients. Enthusiastic traveler, reader, and water and snow skier.

Shirley Rodriguez
Business Development Representative

Shirley is a Native New Yorker with a strong background in technology and is helping Usabilla grow in the US market. She is passionate about technology, puppies, and ice cream!

Jon Rave
Business Acquisition Executive (NYC)

Jon moved to NY to help Usabilla expand its North American market. He loves engaging with clients to learn more about their projects and share how Usabilla can help them achieve their UX goals. In his free time he likes to stay active with sports, hang with friends and travel to off-the-beaten-path locales.

Dwight Lawson
Business Acquisition Executive (NYC)

Originally from Columbus, Ohio, this huge buckeye fan has been in the tech industry in NYC for about 5 years. Passionate about most things including sports, and travel he has thrown his excitement for life in the tech scene amongst various start ups like Yelp and will be focusing on growing enterprise sales in America.

Customer Success Team

Jacky van Selm
Head of Customer Success

Jacky is always there to tend to customers with assistance and advice on best practices. Will make navigating our tool seem like a lovely boat tour through the Amsterdam canals. Loves to make people happy and does everything she does with 110% commitment.

Sven Cune
Customer Success Manager

Excited to learn about new tools, and teach others how to use them. Has been fixing (and breaking) things since he was a little boy. Enjoys eating hummus and doing sports.

Sophie Janson
Customer Success Executive

Feels excessive joy when she sees things that are just right, whether it's a perfectly composed vegetarian dish or a wonderfully designed feedback button.

Stefanie Kreek
Research Consultant

Always on the lookout for new customer insights, Stefanie spends her time analyzing data to help our clients get the most out of their feedback.

Robin Meijer
Customer Success Manager

Robin loves travelling, eating, and driving customer success at Usabilla! When he's not in the office you'll most likely find him in one of his favourite restaurants in Amsterdam.. or hitchhiking in Morocco.

Zac O'Neill
Customer Success Manager (NYC)

Pittsburgh native with a passion for music, working out, and helping Usabilla's clients utilize the software for extraordinary results.

Emilie Poignet
Customer Success Manager

French expat working in the digital landscape for the past few years. I enjoy building relationships with clients and making them happy. When it's not about work, I love to travel and discover what's happening both next door and on the other side of the world.

Lennard Schoemaker
Customer Success Representative

Self Proclaimed “Beer Connoisseur” with a passion for customer delight, beautiful front-end coding, agile methods and innovative solutions. Loves listening to disco, watching Star Wars, doing Crossfit workouts and helping Usabilla customers achieve their desired outcome.

Gillian Terves
Customer Success manager

Invading the Netherlands since 2014, Gillian is a customer centric cheese eater, with a passion for people and a love for dogs. Having lived in the US, Italy, Australia, and the Netherlands, she's a mini enthusiast for life.

Robin van Huis
Customer Success Manager

News junkie who gets his energy from helping people reach their goals, therefore making them happy. Always in for a drink and some fine (homecooked) dining, preferably while discussing the latest politics.

Engineering Team

Gijs Kunze
Technical Lead

Born & Raised in Amsterdam. Program-fanatic and much more.

Claudio Semeraro
Full-Stack Developer

Slanging web code like pasta. Frontend/Backend coast to coast. From Italy with ♥

Rick Buitenman
Software Development Manager

Team builder, cat herder, talent scout, manager of the unmanageable. Strong believer in people, passion and culture over processes, methods and tools.

Rafael Dohms
Lead Backend Developer

Engineer, first of his name, creator of communities, slayer of video game enemies and wielder of dogs. Passionate about teaching, bringing people together and producing beautiful, simple code.

Spyros Ioakeimidis
Full-Stack Developer

Spyros is passionate about software engineering and whatever that entails. Someone once said, "Find a job you love, and you'll never work a day in your life". Spyros loves his job...and the view from his office!

Angèle Géraud
Software Developer

Full stack developer from Paris. Angèle can talk for hours about tech trends and web culture. Awestruck by the beauty of Amsterdam and Usabilla's office space!

Teun Zengerink
Full-Stack Developer

This film-fanatic writes code for the front- and backend. He is goal oriented and loves coming up with a creative solution, just like the lead in a good movie plot.

Katarina Dabo
Front End Developer

Business analyst turned programmer, lover of minimal design and photography

George Visniuc
Backend Developer

Artificial Intelligence MSc, working as a developer with the dedicated Usabilla team.

Giacomo Pinato
Mobile Developer

Italian guy with a passion for technology, mobile development and problem solving. In his free time, Giacomo enjoys photography, playing guitar and tasting local beers.

Rodrigo Mammano
Backend Developer

Brazilian web designer, web developer and now DevOps, living his first experience working abroad. Loves travelling, photography and craft beer.

Rebecca Hill
Front End Developer

Travelled all the way from New Zealand to see how the other side of the world builds beautiful front end experiences. Passionate about tech communities and getting more young people into tech.

Pauline Vos
Backend developer

Dutch back-end developer and traveller who loves the internet and animals. Lives to learn cool stuff!

Davide Santangelo
Full-Stack Developer

Full-stack developer from Italy. Moved to Amsterdam with a hunger for knowledge and pizza, found them both at Usabilla.

Piet van Zoen
Front End Developer

Netherlands born, English raised, found love and web development in Portland, Oregon USA. Addicted to greyhounds, traveling, Lego, and the web platform.

Katia Agnamazian
Front End Developer

Front End Developer from the Côte d'Azur. Katia loves new technologies and new challenges.

Tjin Au Yeung
Junior Web Developer

Big believer of lifelong learning, the power of human creativity and the world wide web. An above average pool player.

Mark Vijftigschild

Story loving engineer who loves putting systems together just as much as the music he plays on his clarinet.

Product Team

Sjoerd Huisman
Technical Product Manager

With energy and experience from his own company, Sjoerd now wants to help the world improve on its own with voice of customer tools.

Nurah Sadek
Product Owner

Steve Jobs once said: "We made the buttons on the screen look so good you'll want to lick them" and that's exactly what Nurah want to achieve with Usabilla's products.

Design Team

Sander de Leeuw
UX designer

Full time designer living in The Hague who enjoys spending his spare time surfing and skateboarding.

Marco Ferraz
Visual Designer

Jack of all trades, master of some.

Gijs Bakker
UX designer

Designer by day, music aficionado by night. Passionate about user experience, user interfaces, human-computer interaction, mobile, cloud, playing drums and acoustic guitar.

Marketing Team

Robyn Collinge

British expat who, like so many before me, has fallen completely head over heels for Amsterdam and its irresistible charm - and as Usabilla’s Copywriter, I have a great reason to stick around. Peanut butter and IPAs make my world go round, and one time I auditioned to play a zombie extra in the movie, World War Z.

Lana Miller
Content & Brand Manager

Experienced digital marketer focused on nurturing effective and meaningful communication. Passions include music, literature, art and anything from her home country of Scotland.

Neal Winter
Social Media and Marketing Strategist

Neal's passionate about driving discussions that resonate with Usabilla's online community. Loves cycling trips, is generally dependant on caffeine, and prefers puns intended.

Michelly Sugui
Graphic Designer

Michelly's strength lies in the wild imagination she has acquired as a visual artist combined with strategic thinking abilities. She creates concepts and visual designs for a wide range of mediums.

Tom Goulooze
Growth Marketing Analyst

Tom deals with growth at Usabilla. He loves to talk data, big ideas and the power of good communication.

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