Usabilla for Ecommerce and Retail

Increase conversions and improve customer loyalty

Improve conversions

Decrease shopping cart abandonement

Intelligent targeting

Ask the right questions, to the right people at the right time

Drive customer loyalty

Through targeted cross platform campaigns, engage with customers and increase retention

Create memorable user experiences

Put your users at the heart of your digital strategy

Retailers need to offer their customers the best possible experience throughout the buying process. Be it on mobile, app or desktop, ensuring a smooth, homogeneous experience will drive conversions and have a measurable impact on your company's bottom line.

With slide out, full page or exit surveys, target the users that are important to you. Ask questions on specific pages, based on user behavior and demographics. Drill down to the details or collect NPS and fully understand why your visitors aren’t converting.

Optimize for Omni-Channel

Create a consistent brand experience accross the customer journey by identifying the pain points of your users accross your digital channels and optimizing to ensure that you offer a homogeneous experience to all potential customers.

Respond to urgent bugs

Bugs and issues need action immediately. Instant notifications and automated labelling ensures the right team will respond to issues fast so that you are constantly improving the experience with your users in mind.

Innovate and track

In today’s ever changing online retail environment, it is important to stay ahead of the pack by constantly testing and improving the user experience. With Usabilla you can monitor the perspectives of your users enabling you to implement, test and modify any new update.

Ecommerce and Retail Ebook: Customer-centricity in retail: Are you on track for 2018?


Customer-centricity in retail: Are you on track for 2018?

In this report you’ll find an overview of data and insights taken from our Voice of Customer (VoC) solution. Be prepared for the ever-changing online buyer behaviour.

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“I would recommend Usabilla because it allows companies to get new insights and inspiration from a customer perspective by simply asking a vitally important question: Why?”
Shariar Khalili, Senior Landing Page Specialist
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