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User feedback is extremely valuable for improving your website or product - no matter in which phase of the design process you are in. Here are examples of how our tools can help you get the most out of your project.

With Usabilla we help you...

Strengthen your customer voice

Find out what people think and feel while browsing your website and use these insights to continually improve the user experience

Usabilla Live allows you to invite your visitors to give feedback on their own agenda. The intuitive feedback interface allows your visitors to simply select the part of your website they wish to give feedback on.

With Usabilla Live’s campaigns you can reach out to your visitors more actively and engage with your audience.

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  • Online Feedback
Usabilla Live solutions customer voice

Gather continuous visual user feedback

Keep in touch with your visitors and improve your website continuously

Usabilla Live continuous visual feedback

Web technologies advance by the day, Trends come and go. Users change. With Usabilla Live, you can gather valuable user feedback over time. This allows you to make quick improvements, and at the same time gather insights for bigger changes.

Ask your visitors regularly what they think and feel while browsing your website. Never lose sight of your users and stay ahead of their expectations. This way you can create the best possible user experience.

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  • Visual user feedback
  • Continuous user feedback

Capture emotional trends on your website

Are your visitors happy? Capture your visitors’ emotions and turn them into actionable numbers.

With Usabilla Live, you ask your visitors to add an emotional rating to their feedback. We take all the different ratings and plot them on an emotional trendline. This way, you can follow the emotions of your visitors over time - or across different pages.

Do changes to your design have a positive effect on your visitors? Find out how your emotional trendline is affected by those changes.

  • Usabilla Live
  • Emotional trendline
  • Real-time user feedback
Usabilla Live emotional trendline

Gather user feedback on different devices

We ensure your visitors can respond - when they want, using the device they want

Usabilla Live on all devices

Usabilla Live is easy and fun to use on any device with no loss of functionality. Simply install the Live Feedback button as normal, and you’re ready to go! The Usabilla Live Feedback form is designed responsively, and thus works for any screen - regardless of size.

With Usabilla Survey, all tests are optimized for relevant screen sizes and for touch interactions. As with Usabilla Live, regardless of device the full functionality is there.

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  • Cross-device

Collect feedback at any stage of the design process

With our products, you can gather real user feedback at various stages of the design process

With Usabilla Live, install the Live Feedback button in your development environment and gather feedback from your clients and colleagues. Detect issues and design flaws before your site goes live.

Have a beta version of your site or service with a selected user group? Using Usabilla Live, you can ask your beta testers for feedback to further improve your design - before releasing it to the general public.

With Usabilla Survey, you can gather feedback on any static visual. Simply take a screenshot of your site, mockup or wireframes and invite your beta users, clients, colleagues, or social media followers to participate in your visual survey.

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  • Visual feedback
Usabilla Survey Wireframe testing heatmap

Target specific groups of visitors

Only ask feedback from the visitors you wish to hear

Usabilla Live targeted messages

With Usabilla Live you can target different groups of visitors with different Feedback forms, or with different campaigns. While targeting options for your Feedback forms are more general, with our Live campaigns you can invite very specific groups of visitors to give feedback.

With Usabilla Survey you can also invite specific target groups. Every survey comes with a unique test link. Just send out the link to a predefined mailing list or use a screener to make sure participants match certain criteria.

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Compare different design versions

Have different designs that you want to test against each other? With Usabilla Survey this is a walk in the park

Just set up two or more identical tests - each with your differing designs - then invite different groups of participants to each test. Compare the results and pick the winner.

You can also set up one test and ask the same group of participants to give feedback on multiple design versions. Or you can show multiple design alternatives next to each other and ask people to choose their favorite.

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  • A/B testing
  • Multivariate testing
  • Visual feedback
Usabilla Survey compare designs

Recruit participants for research

We help you recruit the perfect people for your project

Usabilla Live recruit participants for research

Want to include your users in a redesign, but you don’t know how? Interested in what people think about your design, but your don’t have a user base yet that you can ask? Have a user base, but are interested in people that are new to your site or product?

We can help you recruit visitors from your own website for a survey using Usabilla Live. We can also recruit participants from our own online panel.

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  • Usabilla Live Campaigns
  • Online Panel

Combine passive & active feedback

Invite your visitors to give feedback on their own agenda, or asked them more actively

Do you want to know what your visitors think and feel while browsing your website - without annoying them with aggressive pop-ups?

With Usabilla Live, your visitors decide when they want to give feedback. They simply hit the feedback button to select and rate any part of your site. At the same time, you can target your visitors more actively. For example, you can invite them to give feedback, or ask them to participate in an exit or slide-out survey.

With Usabilla Survey, you have different options to actively invite your participants. For example, you can invite them via email, or social media, or directly on your website.

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  • Usabilla Live Campaigns
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Usabilla Live combine active and passive feedback

Combine quantitative & qualitative results

Need numbers to justify your findings and convince your boss? But do you also want real Feedback from your users?

Usabilla Live Feedback detail

We help you out with both qualitative and quantitative results.

With Usabilla Live you can find out exactly what people like and dislike about your site, and let them tell you why. You can gather ideas and suggestions for improvements, and you can follow up on feedback for more details.

Use these insights to set up a Usabilla Survey. Focus on specific findings or ideas and find out how many people agree or disagree with them. You can even ask your participants to leave a note and explain their preference.

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