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Native in-app feedback with no distractions

Boost App Store Rating

Achieve 5-star reviews by listening to what your users want.

Increase Engagement

Continuously collect feedback natively, online or offline.

Identify device-specific issues

Each feedback item comes with detailed device data.

Native In-app feedback

No redirects, no distractions

When your users leave feedback, they remain inside your app. Usabilla integrates neatly into your existing workflows so your users stay engaged.


iOS & Android Compatible

Feedback is available on all devices – Tablet or Phone, Apple or Android. Discover how feedback trends differ across environments so you can adapt accordingly.

Visual feedback

Collect feedback on your features, discover bugs, and more. Identify issues accurately by allowing your users to share specific screenshots. You see what they see.

Data-rich results

Each feedback item comes with detailed technical information about your user. Find the root of the problem with device type, screen resolution, battery status & more.

Simple Installation

Once installed, you don’t need to touch the code again – no need for developers. Create, edit, and manage your feedback directly from your Usabilla account.

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