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  • Collect valuable visual feedback on your website

    Give your visitors an intuitive tool to give feedback, visually

    The features that help you to receive quality feedback

  • Intuitive to use

    Your visitors will love it

    Usabilla Live feedback button

    The feedback button

    Just by adding a small snippet of code to your website you will get the Usabilla Live feedback button and technology on your website. The feedback button is available in different colors, shapes and with different text. With our enterprise plan we offer full customization of the feedback button.

    See the button live in action on the right side of this page --->

    Usabilla Live easy intuitive usage

    Select any website element

    Usabilla Live is the easiest way to connect with your visitors. It’s fun and it only takes a few clicks. People can select and rate any item on your web page. No need to hassle them with surveys in form of annoying pop-ups. People give feedback on their sole discretion. All while browsing your site in their own pace and with their own goals in mind.

    Usabilla Live easy intuitive usage

    Intuitive feedback flow

    Instead of writing complicated descriptions, your visitors simply select the part they want to give feedback on. They share their thoughts and return to whatever they were doing on your site in no time. It is a simple and fun way for visitors to get in touch and share their thoughts and emotions with you. The results: a more comfortable path to purchase.

    Usabilla Live custom feedback buttons


    Both the feedback button as well as the feedback form are fully customizable. This way it will fully blend in with your website design (Enterprise plan only).

    I would absolutely recommend Usabilla Live to others. The moment I started upping my traffic the replies started pouring in. I think the success of Usabilla comes down to how simple the feedback button works.
    Travis Skindzier co-owner East Coast EFX
  • Visual analysis

    Our intuitive dashboard makes your analysis easy.

    Usabilla Live Visual feedback

    Visual feedback overview

    Get an overview of your feedback statistics. Organize and manage your feedback responses. Filter feedback responses by relevant criteria, such as their emotional rating, the page where the feedback was given, status, date range, etc.

    Export filtered results to use them in other applications (e.g. Excel) and discuss them with clients, or colleagues. Even better: Simply shoot feedback directly into your bug tracking system, or direct it to your customer support center. We feature several third party integrations and new ones can be added on request.

    Usabilla Live Visual feedback Usabilla Live Visual feedback

    Feedback details

    Every feedback item is enriched with a screenshot of the selected element and valuable meta data: the page the feedback was given on, location, browser, operating system, browser viewport, language, etc.

    Futhermore you can tag every feedback item with personal label. This makes it easy to find back certain feedback items later and keep your feedback organized.

    Usabilla Live Full Page Screenshot

    Full Page Screenshot

    Discover the context of your feedback. Together with our focused screenshots of web page elements, you can choose to include a full page screenshot. This is especially useful if A/B testing your site, in order to see which version of the site is in use. Helping you to further understand and react to the situation.

  • Measure emotions

    Turn emotions into actionable numbers. Here is how it works.

    Usabilla Live Emotion

    Emotional trendline

    Visitors of your site click the Live feedback button to activate the feedback mode. Then, they select and rate any part of your site, such as your logo, pricing plan, or navigation structure.

    Visitors rate an element simply by choosing one out of five emotions. They can add tags and comments to further specify their feelings.

    Usabilla Live Personal dashboard Usabilla Live World Map

    Personal dashboard

    In your personal dashboard, you can easily keep track of collected feedback over time. All your results are continuously plotted on a visual trendline. For example, you can see how your visitors’ overall mood changes over time, or how specific design changes affect the user experience of your site.

    Furthermore, your visitors' emotions will be displayed together with the design element they refer to. This provides you with valuable, visual context that allows you to take instant actions. Your visitors provide you with insights and suggestions for improvement; now its up to you!

    Usabilla Live Collect Net Promoter Scores (NPS)

    Collect Net Promoter Scores (NPS)

    Gauge the loyalty of your site’s customers. Your feedback form can be used to collect a Net Promoter Score (NPS). Ask your users how much they value your products in order to discover how loyal your user base is.

  • Targeted messages

    Get more feedback with targeted slide-out messages

    Usabilla Live targeted slide out messages Usabilla Live fully customizable targeted slide out messages

    Boost feedback responses

    Ask your visitors directly for feedback about a specific element, or page, and boost your Live Feedback responses. With this targeted slide-out campaign, you can now invite certain groups of interest to share their feedback with you. Clients confirm that a personal message in their own tone of voice appeals to visitors and motivates them to leave significantly more feedback.

    Usabilla Live recruit survey participants

    Recruit participants for an external survey

    With this campaign you can easily recruit participants for an external survey on your live website. Visitors to your site are already involved with your brand of product, which makes them the perfect participants for your market research or usability study. There is not only a high engagement, which acts as motivator for people to participate in your survey, but you also get easy access to real users of your site.

  • Adaptable Campaigns

    Increase insights with campaigns which adapt to each individual visitor

    Usabilla Live targeted (exit) surveys Usabilla Live targeted slide out surveys

    Create detailed, intuitive, campaigns

    Run adaptable campaigns directly on your site which alter depending on how your visitors answer specific questions. This intuitiveness allows you to discover precisely what drives your visitors.

    Our adaptable campaigns allow you to not only collect valuable information, but also to reduce the strain on the visitor. Show only relevant questions, ask only really matters. Increase both the quality, and amount, of visitor insights you receive.

    Usabilla Live visitor targeting

    Visitor targeting

    Who do you want to target with your campaign? The great thing about Usabilla Live campaigns is that you can select very specific groups of visitors that you would like to target. You can invite all visitors of your site to participate in your survey, or invite only visitors that match certain criteria. For example, target visitors on a certain page, after a certain time, exiting the page, or only if they visit your site for the first time.

    Usabilla Live Custom Campaign Creator

    Custom Campaign Creator

    Our custom form builder provides you with the tools to create the perfect campaign.

    Choose from a multitude of form elements to add to your campaign: From comment fields, to an NPS. The editing isn't only limited to this however! Decide on everything, from the styling of your campaign windows and their placement on the screen, to the order in which visitors view and answer questions.

    Usabilla Live (Exit) Survey custom themes

    Custom themes

    Create, and choose from a selection of your own personalised campaign themes. Pick and choose the style to ensure your Usabilla Live campaigns always fit seamlessly into your site, and the webpage they are running on.

    Usabilla Live campaign analytics

    Campaign analytics

    The visual and easy-to-use analyze page gives you a quick overview of the status of your campaign. Find out how many times your campaign has been shown to your visitors, or how many times a form has been completed; all in a nice chart. Furthermore, all your survey data is directly available in a table (enhanced with meta data) or exportable to Excel.

    Usabilla Live Campaign Scheduling

    Campaign Scheduling

    Automate your campaigns to turn on or off at specific times. The ability to schedule your Usabilla Live campaigns ensures you can even better target and focus your surveys. Aim for users at certain points in the day, or automatically end a campaign once you have all of the feedback needed.

  • Mobile participation

    Capture your visitors' feedback on mobile devices

    Usabilla Live Mobile experience

    Mobile usage

    Capture valuable feedback whenever, wherever people visit your website. It doesn't matter where your visitors are or whether they access your site with a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Usabilla Live is intuitive and fun to use on any device.

    We capture not only the emotional rating and visual context, but also a lot of rich meta data. This meta data includes technical specifications, such as the screen size and operating system of the device that was used to access your site.

  • Multiple users & roles

    Invite team members and assign user roles

    Usabilla Live Multiple users

    Multiple team users

    Within our enterprise plan you can invite mutiple users to your main Usabilla Live account. The invited users will get their own username and password to login and see all the results.

    Usabilla Live User Roles and Rights

    Role & right management

    You can assign (custom) user roles to team users, so they will get limited access to the functionality of Usabilla Live. Furthmore it's possible to limit user access to different feedback buttons within Usabilla Live.

  • Third party integrations

    Seamless integration with third party tools

    Usabilla Live integration with Google Analytics Usabilla Live Google Analytics custom report

    Google Analytics

    Gain more insight in the way your visitors give feedback by integrating Usabilla Live with Google Analytics. Usabilla Live pushes custom events to Google Analytics which you can include in custom reports and dashboard widgets.

    Usabilla Live integration with Zendesk and Desk.com

    Zendesk & Desk.com

    Seamlessly integrate Usabilla Live with customer support tools Zendesk or Desk.com. Everytime a visitors gives feedback on your website and leaves an email address we will push this to Zendesk or Desk.com. This way you can directly follow up from your favorite support tool.

    Usabilla Live integration with Atlassian Jira


    Are your visitors reporting bugs on your website via Usabilla Live? With the connection to Atlassian Jira bug tracking software you can create a new bug report for your developers with one click.

    Usabilla Live integration with Clicktale


    Want to further explore a visitor’s journey on your site? Use your Usabilla Live feedback as a prompt, linking to the relevant ClickTale recording, for extra analysis of user journeys. ClickTale allows you to track your visitor’s mouse movements, scrolling, and clicks on your site. View user behaviour - adding another dimension to your feedback.

    Usabilla Live integration with webhooks


    Usabilla Live supports Webhooks. Every time a visitor gives feedback, we can POST all the data of the feedback item in JSON format to a URL you specify. This way you can integrate Usabilla Live with your own software.

    Do you have any specific requests for third party integrations? Do not hesitate to ask us, as we are happy to implement new integrations for our clients!

  • Security & Privacy

    Security and high up times are our number one priority

    Usabilla Live Privacy Tools

    Privacy Tools

    Want to obscure potential security issues from your screenshots? Don’t want valuable client or employee data being saved in our backend? Our excellent privacy option allows you to entirely obscure or remove potential security issues. Text can be rendered unreadable, images blacked out and much more!

    Usabilla Live integration with webhooks


    Our full redundant ISO 27001 compliant data center ensures high up times and security of data. All data sent to and from our servers goes over a forced https (SSL) connection.

  • Multi Language & Export

    Talk to your visitors in your local language

    Usabilla Live multi language

    Multi language support

    Choose the language of your site and create a more personal experience for your visitors. Usabilla Live is currently available in the following languages: Arabic (Full right to left support), Chinese (Simplified Mandarin & Traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian Spanish & Swedish.

    Are you missing one? Contact us to add your own language.

    Usabilla Live Excel export

    Filter and export your data

    Filter your feedback responses by relevant criteria, such as their emotional rating, date range, or the web page they were rated on. Export your filtered results (Excel) to use them in other applications, or discuss them with clients or colleagues.

  • Case studies

    Experiences from our customers


    Community feedback

    The Loop, Australia’s largest online creative community uses Usabilla Live to give their community an instant feedback mechanism to share what they’re loving and also report the things that need to be improved.

    “We strive to give the community an exceptional customer experience and part of that involves having an open communication channel while the user is browsing on the site.” Leanne Hammill, Marketing Manager at The Loop


    Beta testing

    Elefant.ro, the largest and the most popular online bookstore in Romania, used Usabilla Live to test their new ecommerce platform with a limited pool of beta testers.

    “Usabilla Live allows even inexperienced users to give feedback and easily describe the problems they are having.“ Alen Todorov, Marketing manager at Elefant.ro


    Locating bugs

    Countly, a real-time, open source mobile analytics application uses Usabilla Live to gather (technical) feedback on their analytics dashboard.

    “Usabilla Live makes getting, managing, categorizing and keeping track of user feedback easy and fun.” Onur Alp Soner, Founder Countly

    Read more case studies.

  • Usabilla Live demo

    Try Usabilla Live yourself by using the feedback button on the right side of this page.

    Like what you see?

    Feel free to Contact us for a free live demo.

  • Gain valuable reader insights into your emails

    Collect feedback, bugs and suggestions from your email recipients.

    The features that make Usabilla Live for Email so essential

  • How does it work?

    Optimise your emails for conversion - give your recipients what they want.

    Usabilla Live for Email Create

    1. Create

    Build your own feedback widget and form. Ask the questions you need answers to. Show your email recipients you care about them.

    Usabilla Live for Email Install

    2. Install

    Install your created widget onto your email and begin collecting feedback instantly. It’s as simple as a copy-paste.

    Usabilla Live for Email Analyze

    3. Analyze

    Our detailed dashboard, and comprehensive filtering options allow you to discover - and deliver - precisely what your recipients want.

  • Create & Customize

    With our tutorial, creation is quick and easy

    Usabilla Live for Email design your personalized widget

    Design your personalized widget

    Build your own widget from scratch. Choose the type of rating you want it to have, or even go with a text only option. Design to blend in seamlessly with your emails, and work for your recipients. You can even use your own images if you’d prefer.

    Usabilla Live for Email Create the feedback form

    Create the feedback form

    With the Usabilla Live editor, you can create your form from the ground up, exactly the way you’d like it. Ask the questions you want, to gain the responses you need using a wide range of options.

    Usabilla Live for Email Fully responsive forms

    Fully responsive forms

    Our feedback forms are fully responsive. This means they will format to fit whatever device they are used on, easing the user’s experience. With so many emails being opened on mobile devices, this ensures the feedback will roll in regardless.

  • Choose your Campaign

    Build a feedback campaign to suit the situation

    Usabilla Live for Email Group Campaigns

    Group Campaigns

    Usabilla Live for Email is the only email feedback software that allows you to track groups of emails. With our group campaigns, you can track detailed feedback statistics on both the individual emails, and the group as a whole. For example, compare and contrast statistics between Newsletters or Customer Support Agents, adding increased depth to your analysis.

    Usabilla Live for Email Single Campaigns

    Single Campaigns

    For personal emails, recurring emails, one off situations, or anything else where a group doesn’t fit. Single campaigns offer you feedback statistics on individual widgets, regardless of where they are placed.

  • Easy Installation

    No need to be tech savvy, we keep things simple!

    Usabilla Live for Email Copy/Paste the Image

    Copy/Paste the Image

    We show you what your final feedback widget looks like, all you have to do is Copy/Paste it into your email body or signature. It really is that simple - no messy code.

    Usabilla Live for Email Implement provided HTML code

    Use the provided code

    For those occasions where you have to get technical, we’ve made things as simple as possible. We provide the HTML, all you have to do is Copy/Paste it into the appropriate location.

    Usabilla Live for Email Create your own widget

    Create your own widget

    Together with the previous two methods, we provide you with the link to your feedback form. The result is unlimited flexibility, allowing you to use whichever method suits you. You may even create your own widget to seamlessly blend into your email design.

  • Hassle free feedback

    Make giving feedback easy for your recipients, keep it all in one place.

    Usabilla Live for Email Easy for your Readers

    Easy for your Readers

    Your email recipients simply click the feedback widget to return their thoughts. No need for finding an address and sending additional emails. Recipients select how they feel and fill out your created feedback form before returning on their way. Everything is fully responsive, and works perfectly regardless of device.

    Usabilla Live for Email is optimised mobile devices - this way it stays easy and fun even though your readers might be on the move.

    Usabilla Live for Email Easy for You

    Easy for You

    No longer will recipients send feedback to whatever email address they can find. Nor will it be lost to no-reply addresses. Have everything moved to our convenient Feedback Dashboard where you can search and filter results. Combine Usabilla Live for Email with Live for Websites, and have all feedback from across web and email in one, convenient place.

    Usabilla Live for Email 3rd Party Integrations

    3rd Party Integrations

    The simplicity of Usabilla Live for Email allows to be used with a wide range of 3rd-party clients. From simple email clients such as Gmail and Outlook, to more advanced software such as MailChimp, MailJet and Desk.com. Anywhere with emails, the widget can follow.

  • Intuitive Live Dashboard

    Our dashboard makes your analysis easy

    Usabilla Live for Email Feedback overview

    Feedback overview

    Get an overview of your feedback statistics. Organize and manage your feedback responses. Filter feedback responses by relevant criteria, such as their emotional rating, status, date range, etc. Export filtered results for use in other applications (e.g. Excel) and discuss them with clients, or colleagues.

    Usabilla Live for Email Comparisons and Ladders

    Comparisons and Ladders

    Gamify your feedback process. See how email campaigns rank up against one another. Compare an email’s changing emotional trends and judge how feedback changes over time in order to optimise your content. Group ladders rank members, allowing for ranking of customer support agents or email newsletters.

    Usabilla Live for Email Create your own widget

    Detailed Metadata

    View detailed metadata relevant for each of your respondents. Use this to take action where it matters, rooting out the source of any problems.

  • Usabilla Live for Email Demo

    Feel free to Contact us for a free live demo.

  • Gather feedback at any stage of the design process

    Collect visual feedback on wireframes, mockups or any other visual

    Usabilla Survey - Analyze test results

    Automated remote user testing

    Usabilla Survey is an online tool for automated remote user testing and visual surveys. Integrate usability tests in your daily workflow and improve your design with high quality feedback. No planning, extra working hours or expenses needed. Just focus on your research, invite participants, and Usabilla will do the rest.

    Usabilla Survey - Participate in a test

    Repetitive user tests

    Focus on your users from the very beginning of your project. Repetitive user tests throughout the design process will save you time, money, and your nerves.

    All the features that help you collect valuable feedback:

  • Visual Survey

    Let your participants answer questions in a fun and visual way

    Usabilla Survey - Participate in a visual survey

    Surveys made easy and fun

    Usabilla Survey is an online visual survey tool. The intuitive dashboard and a wide selection of popular test templates allow you to set up a survey in no-time. From the scan of a first, rough sketch to the final mockup, you can include any visual design in your surveys.

    People participate in your survey by placing points and notes on top of your designs. Taking a survey has never been this easy and fun.

    Usabilla Survey - Qualitative and Quantitative insights

    Quantitative & qualitative insights

    With Usabilla visual surveys you get both quantitative and qualitative feedback. Just test lots of participants, measure performance, or do A/B tests and you get numbers. Ask participants for their opinion and have their decisions explained with notes and you will collect rich qualitative feedback. Find out about your users’ actions and the attitude that goes with it.

    Usabilla Survey - One click and Multi click tasks

    Different kind of questions

    There are two different kind of questions that you can ask. (1) Open questions: People can answer these questions by placing multiple points and adding notes. You can gather both quantitative and qualitative insights with these questions. (2) One-click tasks: People answer these questions by placing only one point. These questions are ideal for performance measure and A/B testing.

  • Easy setup

    Get your test up and running within 5 minutes

    Usabilla Survey - Test overview Usabilla Survey - Test templates

    Minimum effort

    Your testing schedule shouldn't drive your design and development cycles. Usabilla Survey integrates usability tests in your daily work-flow. You won't lose any time testing with Usabilla. Test small things like your call-to-action button, while you already work on something else.

    The visual and intuitive dashboard makes setting up a Usabilla test a piece of cake. You can either choose between a wide selection of popular test templates, or create your own test from scratch. Simply upload an image from your computer to include in your test.

    Usabilla Survey - Add a new test

    Flexible setup

    Add multiple questions about one image, or ask the same questions about different images. For every question you want to ask, add a new page to your test. For every page you can set an image, define a task or question, and choose whether or not you want to show a task introduction page.

    Usabilla Survey - Custom introduction


    Start your test with a custom introduction. This introduction can be a great way to explain why you are running the survey and what your goals are. You can also introduce a user scenario to provide your participants with any background information they might need to answer the questions correctly.

    Usabilla Survey - Custom forms

    Custom forms

    Starting with our Large plan, you can use the introduction page for a custom form to gather even more valuable information about your participants. This information will be available on the analyze page, together with the rest of your results.

    Usabilla Survey - Random redirect to tests

    Random redirect

    For multivariate testing, you might want to split your test into two or more separate tests to avoid influences, such as order effects. We can create a random redirect link for you that will automatically split all participants between your different tests.

  • Easy to Promote

    Usabilla Survey - Promote your test

    Many ways to invite participants

    The automated and remote nature of Usabilla Survey makes it extremely easy to recruit test participants. You can easily invite people to participate through a link which opens the test on our server. Most of our clients get high participation rates with a simple email asking for help, or a message on Social Media. We also provide widgets that you can place on your site for easy continuous testing. If you would like us to recruit participants for you, please contact us.

    Usabilla Survey - Keep it short

    Keep it short

    Keep your tests short and to the point. The fact that you can include as many pages in your survey as you want doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to do so. People usually don’t like to participate in extensive surveys, at least not without compensation. However, they don’t mind to give you a few minutes of their time to answer a few quick questions -- especially if they understand why you need their feedback.

  • Visual Analysis

    Usabilla Survey - Interactive heatmaps

    Interactive heatmaps

    The power of Usabilla Survey lies in the visual and intuitive analyses of your results. All answers given by participants will be plotted on interactive heatmaps. You will be able to select, compare, and save areas of interest, track click paths, and analyze comments within their visual context.

    Usabilla Survey - Analyze test results

    Area selections

    The area selection tool allows you to focus on the results in specific areas of your design. Select different areas of interest and highlight the points and notes placed within these areas. Selections can be linked to one or more questions on one or more pages. Save selections for later review, or to share them with colleagues or clients.

    Usabilla Survey - Click paths

    Click paths

    Click paths show you the order in which participants placed points on top of your image. Click paths are available for open questions that have been answered with at least two points.

    Usabilla Survey - Segment your results by using the filter

    Filter results

    You can filter participants on certain criteria. It is possible to set multiple filters and remove these filters again individually. When a participant has additional variables stored, you can use the filter on those as well. For more information on custom variables, please visit our support page.

    Usabilla Survey - Share your test results

    Easy sharing

    It has never been this easy to share results with your colleagues or clients. With a simple link, you can now invite people to the analyze section of your test and share your insights with them.

    Easy sharing is available in our enterprise solution. Contact us for a quote or more information.

  • Multi-language & Export

    Talk to your visitors in your local language

    Usabilla Survey - Analyze test results


    Set up a visual survey in your own language. Talk to your participants in your own tone of voice and make participating for them as easy as possible.

    At this point, Usabilla Survey is available in 9 different languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish & Turkish.

    Are you missing a language? Reach out to us and we will add it for you.

    Usabilla Survey - Export your test results

    Data export

    There are several data export options for your results. (1) You can export your entire data to comma separated values (CSV) to use it in other applications, such as Excel. (2) Export an overview of all our notes. (3) Export your interactive heatmaps to PNG files. Enterprise clients can also (4) use Easy sharing to give colleagues or clients direct access to the analysis section of their survey.

  • Mobile participation

    Visitors can also participate on mobile devices

    Usabilla Survey - Mobile testing

    Platform independent

    Usabilla visual surveys are platform independent. Participating in a test on an iOS or Android device is intuitive, snappy, and fun. Just upload a screenshot that was taken on a mobile device in order to optimize your test for mobile.

  • Third-party integrations

    Seamless integration with third-party tools

    Usabilla Survey - Third party integrations

    Third-party integrations

    Usabilla visual surveys seamlessly integrate with other applications from your toolbox. For example, you can include an external survey, such as Wufoo or SurveyGizmo, to gather more qualitative data. You can also link your survey to an external recruiting tool like Ethnio to gather participants. Or you can simply add custom variables to your test url to specify different user groups, or pass on custom data.

  • Demo cases

    See how to collect qualitative & quantitative feedback with Usabilla Survey

    Usabilla Survey - Rebranding demo case

    Logo rebranding demo case

    This demo case shows a way how to test two logos and asks the user at the end of the test to give a preference for one of the two logos.

    Usabilla Survey - Rebranding demo case

    Website comparison demo case

    This demo case shows how to compare two websites and get some qualitative insights by placing a form at the beginning of the test.

    Usabilla Survey - Rebranding demo case

    Website redesign demo case

    Smashing Magazine did a redesign of their blog and we asked some visitors what they liked and disliked.

    Usabilla Survey - Call to action demo case

    Call to action demo case

    We randomly picked 10 homepages of startup and tested the performance of their main call to action.

    Usabilla Survey - mobile demo case

    Mobile websites demo case

    For this demo case we asked the participants to take the test on their mobile and answer some questions about the mobile websites of two newspapers.

    Usabilla Survey - mobile demo case

    Vampire effect demo case

    In this demo case of the vampire effect, we tested that a focused of our attention towards sexual content decreases our ability to absorb other information.

    More demo cases are available on our blog
  • Download white papers

    Detailed test reports for insights and inspiration

  • Request product demo

    You can take several demo surveys and see their results on the demo cases page. If you would like to have a demo by phone / screen sharing from one of our representatives, please contact us.

    Contact us if you would have a live demo.

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