Usabilla pour le secteur bancaire

Confiance et innovation pour de meilleurs résultats

Rester Pertinent

Du feedback pour suivre les comportements des utilisateurs et découvrir leurs frustrations avant qu’il ne soit trop tard

Numériser le parcours utilisateur

Une expérience sur-mesure pour des consommateurs de plus en plus férus de technologie

Créer des relations de confiance

Des fenêtres de dialogue claires et des icônes de sécurité incitant à la confiance vous permettront de vous distinguer lors de la saisie d’informations personnelles.

Build Future-Proof Digital Experiences

Put your users at the center of your digital strategy.

Take full control of your digital channels by enabling your users to give you real-time feedback into their user experience. Eliminate assumptions and get the contextual insights your teams need by knowing what’s working, and what’s not, so you can make the necessary improvements.

Ask your users about their journey across websites or in their growing mobile app usage with our easy to implement SDKs. Analyze insights with in-depth user data that will help your team pinpoint and solve problems. Take action as a team with strong integrations between Usabilla and existing systems to give you a full picture of the digital journey.

Understand context with user data

Each feedback item comes with metadata about the device and user. Find out if there are different experiences by browser, IP address, screen resolution, and more. See the HTML code behind your screenshots, to make quick adjustments.

Respond to urgent bugs

Bugs & issues need action immediately. Instant notifications and automated labelling ensures the right team will respond to technical issues fast whether in our app or through direct data integrations with JIRA and more.

Empower your team

Pull your Usabilla data into your own environment, whether that is REST API, Javascript API, or iOS and Android SDKs, for analysis or to collect feedback in a way that works for you.

Ebook de secteur bancaire: Le futur bancaire est digital et orienté client


Le futur bancaire est digital et orienté client

Nul besoin de le répéter, l’expérience client est devenue une question essentielle dans le secteur bancaire. Notre ebook vous permettra de mieux comprendre la transformation digitale qui s’opère actuellement dans le secteur bancaire.

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“Implementing Usabilla was a no-brainer for Rabobank. We want to be digitally on the ball and with Usabilla we can make those final steps to optimizing the overall customer experience.”
Finbar Hage, Head of Data & Analytics
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