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Find answers to frequently asked questions about Usabilla and its products.


Q How does Usabilla Live for Websites work?

Usabilla Live is a new feedback technology that allows you to gather continuous, visual user feedback on your live website. Ask your visitors what they think and feel while browsing your site, and use their input to continuously improve the user experience, and ultimately the conversion of your site.

Q How does Usabilla Live for Email work?

Usabilla Live for Email is a new, unique, feedback technology allowing you to gather feedback on your Emails. Simply insert our feedback widget into your email to begin collecting feedback. Ask your readers what they think and feel whilst reading your emails. Gather valuable feedback on any email - Newsletters, Customer Support Emails and many more. Improving user experience, and conversion rates as a result.

Q How does Usabilla Visual Survey work?

Usabilla Visual Survey is a visual survey tool. Upload any visual design that you want to test. People can answer your questions by placing points and notes on top of the design. Results are presented in an interactive heat- and clickmaps.

Q Can I combine Usabilla Visual Survey and Usabilla Live for Websites?

Certainly. For example, you can use Usabilla Visual Survey to test your design in early stages. Once it’s live, switch to Usabilla Live for Websites and stay connected to your visitors, their ideas, and preferences. Or you can use Usabilla Live for Websites to gather some general feedback. Then dig deeper into a specific issue using a Usabilla Visual Survey. Find more ideas how to combine both tools on our blog.

Usabilla Live for Websites also allows you to recruit participants for your Survey on your live website.

Q What is the difference between Live for Websites, and Live for Email?

The clue is in the title! Usabilla Live for Websites allows you to collect continuous, visual feedback from your websites. Whereas Usabilla Live for Email allows you to collect valuable feedback from your emails. Each product has it's own intuitive dashboard and feedback statistics. Both products are essential in increasing conversion and improving the user experience.

Q Can I get Usabilla Live for Email as an add-on for Usabilla Live for Websites?

Usabilla Live for Email is a standalone product within the Usabilla product suite.

For current Enterprise clients of Usabilla Live for Website, it can be acquired as an add-on to your existing license. Please get in touch for more information.

Q Are the Usabilla products available in multiple languages?

All Usabilla products are available in multiple languages. Are you missing a language, please let us know and we will add it?

Usabilla Live for Websites

Q Why choose Usabilla Live for Websites above other feedback tools?

5 reasons why Usabilla is the new standard in user feedback: (1) Feedback comes with a rich & visual context. (2) Passive & active feedback. (3) Targeted feedback. (4) Full customization. (5) Our team is extremely flexible, innovation driven, and determined to provide you the best possible experience.

Q How easy is it to implement Usabilla Live for Websites on a website?

Very easy! Just like Google Analytics, you copy a small code snippet into the body of your website and it's up and running. Our support team can assist when help is needed

Q Does the code snippet need to be reinstalled on every change?

No, it's a one time install. All the other changes can be made from the Usabilla admin. This means you don't have to bother your IT department constantly.

Q Can Usabilla Live for Websites handle high traffic websites?

Usabilla's cloud based infrastructure is specifically designed for high traffic websites. It scales automatically up or down based on the amount of traffic it processes.

Q Does Usabilla Live for Websites load synchronously or asynchronously?

The Usabilla Live for Websites code loads fully asynchronously and fully independent of other javascript on the site. It does not delay the site and can't cause the site not to load.

Q Can I install Usabilla Live for Websites via my Tag Management System (TMS)?

Usabilla Live for Websites has been tested successfully in almost all Tag Management Systems.

Q Does Usabilla Live for Websites work on mobile devices?

Usabilla Live for Websites fully works on mobile devices. The feedback form is responsive and will adapt on the screen size.

Q Does Usabilla Live play together with other services?

Absolutely! For Usabilla Live for Websites we offer third-party integrations with Google Analytics, Desk.com, Zendesk, Jira and a webhook. More integration suggestions are welcome.

Usabilla Live for Email

Q Why choose Usabilla Live for Email above other Email feedback tools?

Usabilla Live is unique. Newsletters, Customer Support Emails, or whatever else; Usabilla Live excels. Discover how your recipients feel, what they like and dislike about your emails. Let them tell you the problem so that you can act. We offer a simple and easy platform for your readers to submit feedback. Our focus is on qualitative, emotional feedback. Unlike other tools, we don't focus on statistics. All provided on an intuitive platform that allows you to view and analyze your feedback.

Q What type of email can Usabilla Live for Email be used with?

You can use the feedback widget on any type of email. Examples include:

  • Newsletters
  • Customer Support Agents
  • Order Confirmations
  • Automated Response Emails
  • Personal Email
  • Promotional Announcements
  • Welcoming Messages
  • Invoices

Q Can I create my own feedback widget?

Usabilla Live for email is completely customizable. With our intuitive creator, you can make your own customised widget. Choose from smilies or numbers, images or text, or even just a simple URL. Design to suit your email’s style.

Still can’t quite make what you need? Contact us and we’ll build the widget you want. Everything can be made to match your own exact style.

Q How easy is it to add Usabilla Live for Email to your emails?

Extremely simple! Once created, you can copy/paste the image of your completed widget into your email body or signature. Or, you can use the HTML code provided. No technical skill required!

The feedback form is hosted on our servers. Any changes made to it after sending emails will be viewable by those giving feedback. Your widget only acts as a link to this feedback form.

Q Does Usabilla Live for Email work on mobile devices?

Usabilla Live works seamlessly on all mobile devices. The feedback form is responsive and will adapt to the screen size of the device in use.

Q Does a new widget have to be created for every Email?

This depends on what you want to do with your widget. If you are using the widget for groups of emails, such as newsletters, you need only create one. Our grouping system allows creation of a unique duplicate for each new email. This allows detailed comparison of all campaigns within your group.

With customer support emails for example, again you only need to create one widget. This widget only needs to be added once - to your signature - and feedback will be collected every time new emails are sent!

Q What happens if my recipient's Email client blocks images?

We have ensured that Usabilla Live’s images will load in the majority of cases. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee it will always load. To combat this, we replace images with a textual number if they don't load. You can also choose to create a widget that is text-only or without smiles at all.

Q Can I track email feedback over time?

Of course you can, this is the power of Usabilla Live for Email. We offer two methods of doing this, dependant on the situation:

With a Single Campaign, you create one widget. You add this widget to appropriate emails and begin collecting any feedback that comes in, for as long as you wish.

Using a Group Campaign, again you create one widget. This time however, you can add numerous campaigns to this group - duplicates of the original widget. By adding these to separate emails, you can collect feedback over time. Differentiating feedback between email campaigns.

Q Compatibility of Usabilla Live for Email

Whatever tool you for your emails, Usabilla Live for Email is compatible. Whether it be Desk.com, Intercom, MailJet, GMail, or Hotmail, integration is easy. Simply add your widget to the relevant email and begin collecting feedback!

Usabilla Visual Survey

Q How do I get participants for my Usabilla Visual Survey?

Every Usabilla Visual Survey has a unique URL. You can share this URL to your potential visitors by email, Twitter, Facebook, etc. The participants don't need to login and can get started immediately just by opening the link. We also offer professional panel services to get participants for your Usabilla Visual Survey.

Q Does Usabilla Visual Survey work on mobile devices?

Usabilla Live fully works on mobile devices (e.g. iPhone / Android). There is a special mobile interface which makes it easy to participate in a mobile survey.

Q Does Usabilla Visual Survey play together with other services?

Usabilla visual surveys seamlessly integrate with other applications from your toolbox, such as Ethnio for live recruiting, or survey tools like Wufoo and SurveyGizmo.

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