Finde heraus wie Usabilla mithilfe von User-Feedback große Marken dabei unterstützt ihre geschäftliche Position zu verbessern

“We have always considered ourselves to be customer-focused. Whenever we have large projects, we always analyze our data to ensure each channel is fully optimized. With Usabilla, we now have the possibility to gather feedback from our website visitors in each step of their journey adding a constant stream of qualitative data which allows us to improve channels each and every day.”

Matthias Lewin,
PO - Digital Channels Optimization,

“Why Usabilla? Because of its duality of options, as opposed to the other feedback providers which are extremely basic in their functionalities.”

Gunars Vucens,
UX Design Manager,

“I would recommend Usabilla to everyone who wants a clear overview of customer feedback on every digital touchpoint.”

Vanja Mlaco,
Direct Sales,

“Usabilla enables us to continuously monitor and improve the customer experience on our website; we are able to identify issues and prioritize improvements in a quick and easy way.”

Pieter Honig,
Digital Business Analyst,

“Usabilla enables us to pin-point the issue and provides useful information, metadata and visual context of what is happening. This reduces investigation and resolution time for these bugs by up to 50%.”

Catherine Wilson,
Lead UX Strategy Designer,
Aer Lingus

“Thanks to the simplicity and effectiveness of Usabilla, we have solved all major usability problems and conversion rates have skyrocketed.”

Lauris Kooi,
Online Marketeer,

“The ability to see exactly what a customer is looking at when logging feedback has proved invaluable.”

Matthew Walsh,
Online Trading Conversion Manager,

“As somebody who has reviewed almost all feedback vendors on the market, I would absolutely recommend Usabilla to anybody looking to collect onsite feedback.”

Marshal Downey,
Strategic Partnership Coordinator,

“We get very diverse feedback – from compliments and suggestions, to complaints and checkout issues. The tool helps us to quickly act on negative user experiences and optimize our website to match our customers’ needs and expectations.”

Matthijs Bionda,
Online Marketer,
WE Fashion

“The screenshot function is invaluable. It makes it much easier to reproduce and understand customers’ concerns.”

Corinna Birkhofer,
Online Sales & Analysis,

“We did not find [our previous feedback method] very useful in the processing of customer feedback, as we did not know which part of the page the comment was about.”

Margot van Pelt,
Web Analyst & Optimization Specialist,

"Listening to the user’s voice is the most powerful tool you can have. Usabilla empowered us to do so.”

Johan Wistrand,
Customer Experience Manager,

“I can easily recommend Usabilla to anyone who’s looking for a versatile way to collect user friendly feedback. Usabilla is in fact much more than collecting feedback – we are yet exploring new ways to connect with our customers through Usabilla.”

Pim Hutjens,
Product Manager,

“The simplicity and intuitive design of Usabilla Live makes it very easy to use. This allows us to integrate Usabilla into the daily workflow of our organization – something we couldn’t manage before with Kampyle.”

Navajo Broere,
Content Manager,

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