Cookie Policy

This page contains our cookie policy. It explains which type of cookies are being used and has more in-depth information on the services we use and their cookies. Cookies do not harm your computer.

What is a cookie?
A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer by your web browser when visiting a website. Cookies can be used to store certain preferences of a website (e.g. you don’t have to login every time you visit the site) or track if you have visited that site before. Cookies cannot do any harm to your computer and are managed by your web browser (e.g. Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer).
Our cookie policy
To make full use of Usabilla and its services you need to accept cookies. Without cookies you can still visit our homepage, but you cannot log in to use our services. We need to set a cookie to check if you are logged in or not. If you would like to limit or block the usage of cookies you can do so in your browser settings. These settings differ between browsers. For an overview of the different setting per browser, please check this site.
Types of cookies
Strictly Necessary
Without these cookies our services might not function correctly. For example, our session cookie is strictly necessary because it shows us if a user is logged in.
We use several services to track anonymously which pages visitors visit on our website. We use this aggregated data for improvement analysis.
We use these cookies to remember certain choices you have made. Think of a “remember me” cookie, so you don’t have to login every time you visit our website.
PHPSESSID Strictly Necessary This is the Usabilla session cookie. It determines if a user is logged in or not.
REMEMBERME Functionality This cookie is placed when a visitors checks the “remember me” option when logging in. It means we keep the session cookie for a longer period and the visitors doesn’t have to login every time he or she visits the website.
Functionality We use these kind of cookies to know if you have closed certain help messages in our admin. This helps us to hide these messages from you in the future.
__utma, __utmc, __utmc, _ga, _gat Performance These types of cookies are used by Google Analytics. We use Google Analytics to collect aggregated data on the usage of our website (e.g. how many people visited certain pages, how long they stayed on our website, etc.). For more info on these cookies visit the Google Analytics privacy statement.
optimizelyEndUserId, optimizelyBucket, optimizelyCustomEvents, external_[ProjectId]_end_user_id, optimizelySegments Performance These types of cookies are used by Optimizely. We use Optimizely to A/B test our website. This means we can show different variations of parts of our website to users. We use the aggregated data to see which variation performs best and this way optimize the user experience on our website. For more info on these cookies visit the Optimizely knowledge base
PREF, NID, HSID, SSID, APISID, SAPISID, S, SS, SID, BEAT Targeting These cookies are used by the Google+ social share button. We use this service to show you have “liked” our website on the Google+ social network.
datr, lu, c_user, fr, xs, p, presence, act, sub, sb Targeting These cookies are set by Facebook. We use this service to show you have “liked” our website on the Facebook social network. Facebook can use this information to serve our ads on their platform . For more info on these cookies visit Facebook's cookie policy statement
da_lid Performance This cookie is used by Decibel insights and is used to collect information about how people use the website. This allows us to make sure the website is meeting your needs, and help us understand what we could improve.
__hstc, hubspotutk, __hssc, __hssrc, __hs_opt_out, __hs_testcookie, hsPagesViewedThisSession, hsfirstvisit Targeting These cookies are set by marketing-automation tool Hubspot. The cookies set on our sites are used to collect personalized information about how people use our website. For more detail see this article.
cb-enabled Functional This cookie is set to indicate that a visitor has seen the cookie warning in a previous session. Indicating implied consent. This cookie prevents the warning from showing up every time a visitor revisits our websites.
october_session Strictly Necessary This transient cookie is set to collect temporary information for the content management system. A transient cookie is deleted when you leave the website.
_recruitee_careers Functional Our careers website uses Recruitee to collect referral paths of our applicants. For more info see Recruitee's privacy statement.