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A Word From Our Office Manager: Looking for that Special Someone

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I joined Usabilla in the Summer of 2014 as the Executive Assistant to both the CEO and CCO, as well as the Office Manager. Back then, we were a modest company of 12: 5 Developers, 1 Marketer, 1 UX, 2 Sales, the CCO and a CEO that was still coding and heavily involved in our product on a daily basis.

Every day someone else walked to the Albert Heijn to get lunch for everyone. On special occasions, I usually cooked for the whole team, since cooking was (and still is!) one of my biggest passions. I could use my colleagues as guinea pigs for new recipes. They loved it!


Nevertheless, it was a challenge to get my new team on board with understanding my role as their Office Manager and also why they needed me. They’d never had an Office Manager before, and suddenly there was this fierce, tiny, flamboyant woman telling them what to do, what to clean, and leaving deodorant and perfume bottles in all the toilets. Fortunately, they soon saw that I loved my job and that I wanted to make sure they had everything they needed at our, then, office on the Keizersgracht. My motto soon became, “don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.”

Time flew by and the team grew fast, and in 2015 we moved to our beautiful, new office on the Rokin. Because of my proactive mentality, I was given a lot more responsibility and found myself taking on the role of Finance-HR-Assistant-Facility-Marketing-Recruitment-in-one. What’s more, together with the CCO and CEO, I was presented with a whole new challenge: making sure this empty floor of 800m2 – almost four times the size of our previous space – would feel like home for our team. And honestly, I think we did a pretty great job. In fact, Sprout Magazine recently named it one of the coolest offices in Amsterdam!


In the meantime, our team rapidly grew from 12 to 74 and it became an exciting challenge to continue managing the office and our international team. Usabilla as a company was growing up fast and we soon hired more skilled and specialized people to pick up the work that was available. It was a blessing because as much as I loved doing everything within the company, I soon realized that managing the office was a full-time job in itself and I couldn’t handle it on my own. Luckily, I found my awesome Office Assistant, Olga, at the end of 2016 and we started a partnership working together to manage the Usabilla office.

But let’s go back a little, remember that I was also an EA? Remember our CEO still being heavily involved in the building and coding of our products? Well, Marc’s coding days were long gone and he’d had to grow rapidly as our leader. And with any great leader, there’s an equally great EA to support him in any way they can. My work for Marc was increasing fast, so we needed to make a decision: to focus my time on being an Executive Assistant or on Office Management? It was a hard decision because I loved my job and I adore taking care of my colleagues. The job had simply become two separate full-time jobs and it was time for me to move on.


So, hey you! If you’re still reading, it tells me that you’re interested in the story of Usabilla, as well as Office Management. In fact, I really hope it means you’re interested in applying for our open Office Manager vacancy.

But before you do, the special person I’m seeking needs to be tech-savvy, have at least 5 years of experience, and strategic skills to show for it. Together with Olga you will lead our beautiful Office and fine-tune my legacy, keeping everyone in our international team very happy.

If you would love to hear a bit more about my story, you can always drop me a line on 06-54774283. Otherwise, send your personal motivation and resume to – I can’t wait to read it.

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Kate Gopal
As the Executive Assistant, Kate acts as a sparring partner to our CEO, supporting him in every way possible. She also ensures the office runs smoothly by working together with all the departments within Usabilla. Outside the office, Kate loves to cook and organize dinner parties with friends.