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Why Social Media Can’t Replace a Voice of Customer Solution

Why Social Media Can’t Replace a Voice of Customer SolutionWhy Social Media Can’t Replace a Voice of Customer Solution
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Social media is an excellent place for a business to engage with its market. You can attract followers, build an audience, and share insights. It seems like going social could be a way to get feedback from customers. You should watch out for pitfalls, though Exploding Head on Apple iOS 11.1.

One might think those are appropriate channels to ask for customer’s opinions as more and more people hang out on social platforms. Also, it is free to create polls on Facebook and Twitter, but such an attempt can quickly turn into a PR disaster. Social media polls could also skew your understanding of any problem you have, as your follower base isn’t always made up of only your customers.

In this article, we will discuss the four things you should know to avoid the pitfalls of collecting customer feedback on social media.

Get Negative Feedback Before It Goes Social

Social media means public. If a customer shares negative feedback on social media, it becomes general knowledge. You don’t want one payment failure or a few crashes with your app published on digital billboards like a Facebook feed, do you?

The best way is to make sure you capture negative feedback before it goes social.

How do you do that?

Interact with your customers in each step of their journey. You can do this with a Voice of Customer (VoC) solution, proactively through slide-out surveys or passively by offering the option to leave a comment through a discreet but always present feedback button. In a way, you nip any problem in the bud before it goes to the attention of other (potential) customers.

Using a VoC solution, you prevent the negative feedback from going social. Besides, you are aware of any issues in real-time, which enables an immediate fix. It is much better than waiting for the community manager to forward social media feedback hours or even days later.

Why Social Media Can’t Replace a Voice of Customer Solution

Share Social Media Feedback Beyond the Marketing Team

Another pitfall of feedback on social media is that it tends to stay within the marketing or community management teams. Sharing reviews received on social media with the entire team is the only way to get all the problems solved.

Indeed, the teams receiving the input first-hand cannot always solve it. Customers can send issues that only product design can deal with, for example. If you want to know more, read this article. We deep-dive into how marketing, sales, product and customer success teams can use feedback to their benefit.

At Usabilla, we designed our product pivoting around feedback distribution. Feedback always reaches the right person who can take action to solve any problem in time. On top of that our solution integrates well with other tech stacks like Slack, Zendesk or Zapier for even more collaboration.

Engage in Conversations with Your Customers

Despite all efforts to prevent it, you might get negative comments from your social media followers. Don’t ignore or delete them, but address them right away and be transparent. You need to show followers what you have done or will do to fix the problem. Otherwise, the problem might get bigger as the person starts sharing and venting about his bad experience, and potentially puts your brand in a bad light.

Engaging in a conversation with your customers is crucial to turning a negative experience into a positive one. With a VoC solution, you and your customers can converse within a dedicated, secure and private channel with your customers. When they leave a comment, suggestion or question using a Feedback Button or Survey, you can collect their contact details. It enables further conversation in a safe and personal environment.

Why Social Media Can’t Replace a Voice of Customer Solution

Collect Richer Feedback and Actionable Insights Through a Voice of Customer Solution

People go on social media to wind down and interact with friends and brands they like. Don’t be the annoying brand that interrupts their flow. Consider collecting feedback more natively, on your website, app or email campaigns instead. A VoC solution is the perfect answer.

Unlike social media, a VoC solution gives you the context so that you can understand the behavior behind the data.

Why are customers not checking out once they have a full cart?
Why are readers not staying longer than 20 seconds on your blog?
Why is no-one clicking on the t-shirt with the green button?

Finally, by proactively reaching out to your audience and asking them questions on point, you will be able to address them better and build products tailor to meet their needs. This article includes the best questions you can ask to gather actionable feedback. Check it out!

Despite the popularity and ease of social media, only a VoC solution can get you the right insights and meaningful analytics. With Usabilla, start asking why.



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