Why eLearning Matters for Customer Experience Professionals

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Recently, I heard somebody say, “Nothing stimulates learning quite like curiosity”. While I like this quote (a lot) for personal reasons, it also made me think about how it applies in a professional context. In particular, how I could successfully apply this principle to empower a new customer, new partner, or even a new hire who is about to start at a job and wants to learn more.

The reality is that the most curious people will raise more questions than can be answered during a work-day. Similarly, some questions are asked in such a way that you as a human resource have difficulty understanding them; and by the time you find the answer the curious person has already found it and moved on to ask their next question. The self-sufficient nature of curious people to acquire the knowledge they need to answer questions and achieve greatness is why we chose to launch Usabilla Academy.

With Usabilla Academy, we are adding a new resource and communication channel to serve the onboarding and enablement needs of Usabilla users, the future experts in acquiring, analyzing and acting on insightful Customer Feedback.

For our Customer Success team, Usabilla Academy is a way to help them take customers on a journey that starts with training them as new users. The Usabilla suite is quite extensive, and it is difficult to present every feature and teach all of our best practices in one 90-minute virtual meeting. Oftentimes, Customer Success Managers get emails from their customers, asking questions about topics covered in the training session, making for inefficient workflows and limiting customer productivity.

As we were implementing, we took some important lessons from this years’  Gainsight Pulse Conference in Silicon Valley that directly applied to e-learning as a method of customer and partner enablement. They include:

  1. 79% of customers prefer to self-serve – Forrester. e-learning improves a customer’s ability to serve themselves and enhance their knowledge.
  2. Happy customers do not necessarily equal successful customers –  e-learning can make customers both happy and successful, and it raises the threshold for how successful customers can be. E-learning can also improve a customer’s experience with brands they learn from.
  3. E-Learning platforms make it so companies can still engage with their customers to make them more successful – and relieves customer success<->experience teams from needing to be as hands on. For global enterprises, e-learning easily scales globally across the whole organization

During our “soft launch” of Usabilla Academy to a select group of customers and partners, we heard that the e-learning format made it easy for users who were not at the initial product training session to get up to speed with learning how to use Usabilla. New employees at large organizations that are Usabilla customers said that it was a great way to learn part of their job duties, and other people replied that they prefer to learn technology solutions through training videos such as those in Usabilla Academy.

The way we see it, our customers’ and our partners’ success equals our success. We see Usabilla Academy as a means for making all of us more efficient. By leveraging e-learning as an initial training method, there will be more time for our customers and their Customer Success Manager to discuss goals, accomplish objectives, and collaborate on the best ways to use Usabilla for their organizations.

For Usabilla partners, we provide a unique partner onboarding experience and head-start to get certified on the Usabilla solution within hours. In addition, partners are having immediate access to a content-rich resource to be successful representing Usabilla in their local market.

Creating courses that are accessible on-demand for customers and partners provides different levels of functional insights and best practices so that these users can optimize the use of the Usabilla suite.

At the same time, it is helping customers, partners, and Usabilla to complete the roll-out across teams, functions and new people that are being added to these teams in the future. We want our users to acquire the knowledge they need to succeed in whichever way they learn best, and launching Usabilla Academy is already proving to be valuable for assisting our users who learn best on their own.

Mat Friedman
Mat is a Customer Success Manager in New York City. When he's not helping his clients maximize their feedback strategies, you can find him hanging out in his Lower East Side apartment with his cat, Shuli.