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We’re Here for You During COVID-19

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First things first, we hope this message finds you well and in good spirits. In light of COVID-19, we’re challenged as a world population in many ways. We understand that this is a difficult time for everyone and not something that any of us might have anticipated, which makes it all the more crucial to stand together. 

At Usabilla, our greatest concern is the well-being of our employees and our customers. It’s our aim to help you ride out the storm and focus on what you can do next to keep your customers and employees feeling engaged and heard. 

In these difficult times, our customer-first mindset extends to a people-first mindset, and we are happy to see so many organizations acting in the same manner. As is the case with the improvements and suggestions to your products and services, now is the time to listen.

How Usabilla customers are engaging with users during COVID-19

It makes us incredibly proud of our employees and customers to stand so resilient in these times. We already have Usabilla customers using our solution in response to COVID-19, and staying inspired to ask for feedback where and when it counts


DHL’s parcel shipping tool is communicating with users on how services might be impacted.


Avanti is including a message to customers on all of the pages that they think a user might look to when searching for coronavirus info, for instance on its contact us page.


Velux has posted a message from its managing director to communicate that measures are in place at Velux following health guidelines, sharing that these can impact the time it takes to receive services.


Thalys is communicating about the status of train tickets.


Throughout the crisis, Eurobank in Greece implemented a survey to gauge customer satisfaction and awareness of their alternative channels i.e. e-banking and ATMs given the limited operation of their branches.

eurobank CX

Give back

As part of SurveyMonkey, we’re working hard to protect and assist those who are especially at risk or impacted by the global crisis. For those in the US who are looking for other ways to help, SurveyMonkey offers charitable incentives of fifty cents per completed survey, providing donations for partner charities of the respondents’ choice through its Contribute platform

Further reading

For current customers, your Customer Success Manager is all-ears and would love to help you turn ideas into action in a similar way to that of our customers above and more. For everyone else, don’t hesitate to connect and get started with improving your customers’ experience now and moving forward. In the meantime, here are a few resources that might help you:

Feel free to tag us on social, where we’ll share even more tips in the coming weeks to help you get through this. Know that we are in this together. We are already so proud of your efforts and inspired to help you do your best work in this period of uncertainty.  

Stay safe

~ Usabilla Team


Meghan Horvath
Meghan is a Marketing Content Writer at Usabilla. She's a Chicago-native with a love for wine, French podcasts and running Amsterdam's canals at sunrise.