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Usabilla Ranks in Forrester’s Now Tech: Voice of the Customer Vendors Report

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The value of listening to customer feedback is often clear, but deciding which customer experience (CX) vendor is the right fit for your organization is another story. When exploring options, it’s easy to grow overwhelmed.

What’s more, many CX programs require multiple functionalities, which means multiple vendors. This not only adds to the complexity of settling on the right fit but also amplifies costs.

Finding the right experts given the size and needs of your company doesn’t have to be such a daunting task. Take it from the experts. With Forrester’s Now Tech report, CX professionals can understand the value they can expect from a VoC provider and select their vendor accordingly.

The Forrester Report

Companies incorporating a VoC program in their approach are ahead of the game. Why? With 80% of B2C revenue coming from digital channels, business must transform and tune in to the voice of their customers.

Whether you know it or not, your organization needs VoC tools for four main reasons: to 1) listen 2) interpret 3) act and 4) monitor customer feedback. Using a VoC program that captures a combination of these objectives, organizations can best address and anticipate customer needs and stay ahead of competitors.

Breaking this down further, Forrester defines VoC as:

“A systematic approach for collecting customer feedback, mining that feedback for insights, and then incorporating the insights into business decisions.”

With Forrester’s recent report, you as a CX professional can make sense of the market and the options available to you when it comes to choosing the right VoC solution.

The Results

Forrester breaks down the leaders in this space based on size, ensuring each vendor’s approach contains three main elements: customer feedback management tools, VoC specialists and insights communities.

Among the mid-size vendors featured in the report, Usabilla is honored to be included. As our business strategy is one of continuous development and genuine customer-centricity, you won’t have to turn elsewhere for a fully cross-functional, integrated approach to asking, analyzing and acting upon feedback from your customers.

Forrester has done the research. Now it’s up to you to choose. With the help of the right VoC tools, you can ensure an in-depth approach to feedback and make CX improvements that will lift your organization to new heights.

Meghan Horvath
Meghan is a Marketing Content Writer at Usabilla. She's a Chicago-native with a love for wine, French podcasts and running Amsterdam's canals at sunrise.