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Usabilla Officially Launches New Reporting Services

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Usabilla has launched new reporting services, helping customers get the most out of user feedback gathered through our globally used Voice of Customer (VoC) solution. Reporting options range from templates to make basic feedback statistics reports to advanced feedback comment analysis and in-depth reports of Usabilla survey results.

As Roel Jansen, CCO at Usabilla explains, “We see that there is a tremendous opportunity for enterprises to improve their customer strategy, and we would like to go that extra mile for our customers. This new offering will help our clients to get the most out of their data and empower them to report actionable insights up to C-level.”

The advanced reports are specifically tailored to each customer, containing feedback statistics, in-depth comment analysis as well as our recommendations. The reports provide actionable insights and tangible next steps for organizations to become truly customer-centric.

Lewis Alderson, Global Digital Traffic Manager at AkzoNobel, shares, “The insights service by Usabilla showed us some great ways to categorize the wealth of data available to us, so we could better prioritize action areas. Usabilla helped us not only analyze the data but made it actionable, which is important to help keep the customer at the heart of the business.”

For this new reporting service, we will collaborate with Blauw Research, who recently joined as a Usabilla solution partner and since developed a tailored VoC program for Usabilla clients.

Maarten van den Broek, VoC Lead at Blauw Research, explains, “Combining the VoC solution from Usabilla and expertise from Blauw Research will enable enterprises to continuously improve their customer experience based on actionable insights and strategic advice.”

Blauw Research will guide customers on how to use Usabilla’s solutions to gain real-time insight into customer satisfaction metrics and build an optimal VoC strategy for them.

If you would like to learn more please visit the dedicated Usabilla reporting page.

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