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Usabilla NYC: Our First Breakfast Session

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Last month we hosted our very first public event in the US – an intimate breakfast session in the heart of New York City!

A rooftop space at The Standard provided the perfect setting for the event with a rather spectacular, albeit cloudy, 360-degree view of the iconic NYC skyline. Good food, good views, and a chance to learn more about improving your UX – what more could you need?

The event provided a chance for both clients and prospects to network and gain valuable insights into the uses and benefits of the Usabilla platform. Our team was incredibly pleased with the event and hope it will translate into the success of future events.

In case you couldn’t make it and are eager to know what you missed, keep reading for an overview of the conversations had and the insights gained.

Martin Huegli: Usabilla NYC Introduction

“We believe user feedback is an essential part of a tech stack to help teams be customer focused.”

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Our VP of Sales, Martin Huegli, began the event by introducing Usabilla and the NYC office to attendees. He gave a quick background on the company and touched upon our goals for the future as Usabilla’s North American influence grows.

Mat Friedman: How Survey Tools Improve UX Research

“When you first ask customers about their experience you have all this data and it’s a mess. As a researcher, the question you need to ask yourself is ‘how do we prioritize the data to dive deeper and get greater insights from our customers?”

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Next, Customer Success Manager Mat Friedman detailed the reasons why survey tools are an important part of the new school of thought when it comes to UX research. He remarked on the fact that research falls into the duties and tasks that people sometimes let fall by the wayside.

Furthermore, older methods of collecting feedback from customers are costly in terms of time and other resources – creating 3 main bottlenecks in the research process: interactions only collected from single moments in time, the problem of prioritizing data, and difficulty in scaling surveys by finding the right respondents and asking them the right questions.

Zac O’Neill: Aer Lingus Case Study

“2200 responses out of 30,000 views might seem low, but those are 2200 people who told Aer Lingus exactly how they feel about certain points in the booking flow. This is great material to bring to workshops and show to executive decision makers.”

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Continuing on from Mat’s presentation, Zac O’Neill put the three bottlenecks mentioned above into the context of what Aer Lingus is doing to improve their customers’ experiences when booking flights. Aer Lingus moved from a single NPS-related survey to collecting feedback throughout all steps of the booking flow. This enabled the airline to identify four main issues their customers were having during the process.

Next, Aer Lingus created a follow-up survey with the intent of learning how customers felt about the company. Using feedback from Usabilla surveys, the airline improved the booking flow, and, subsequently improved their NPS score.

Jennifer Tattenbaum: The Shubert Organization

“We estimate a loss of $28k in operating revenue and lost ticket sales from the bug that we thankfully caught with [Usabilla] feedback.”

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Finally, we had Jennifer Tattenbaum from the Shubert Organization give a presentation on the dual strategy the organization took when it came to collecting user feedback with Usabilla – passive website feedback and an exit survey.

By using this method, the company solved a long-standing mystery of why people don’t buy tickets mid-checkout funnel. For the most part, the results confirmed their initial suspicions; however, some of the results were somewhat surprising. Initially, she found that more than 75% of people were not ready to buy or thought the tickets were too expensive. Then, they changed the possible responses on the survey to help identify website technical issues and noticed a spike in customer reported bugs via the survey.

The bug prevented international visitors visiting New York from purchasing Broadway tickets, estimating a loss of $28k in revenue per week – a loss that was recognized and recovered with help from Usabilla.

Customer Roundtable

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Up next on the agenda was a customer roundtable for comments and feedback. The discussion provided ample amounts of information for our team on improvements, wishes, and dream feature requests of the Usabilla platform. It also allowed our clients to share insights of our platform between each other.  

All in all, we gained valuable insights into our customer’s thoughts – which we will use to improve and enhance our own user experience.

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Haley Wilson
Usabilla NYC team