Usabilla Live Feature Update: May 2015

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It’s been a fair while since our last major feature announcement. That’s not say we haven’t been busy – things have been crazier than ever!

We’ve been working hard on plenty of new features to improve your feedback and its analysis, hiring 2 new developers in the process (with more on the way!)

Rest assured, there is much more excitement on the way later this year – we can’t wait to share it with you. But for now, we’ve simply cleaned up the old in preparation for the new.

New campaigns

Something looks different right? If you’ve logged in to check your campaigns recently you’ll have noticed one of our biggest interface changes for while.

Our old Campaign interface was looking very dated – we’ll gladly admit to that.

As Live for Websites, and campaigns, have grown, the products had out-grown its environment. Customers were using campaigns in ways we hadn’t envisioned from the start. Thus, change was much needed in order for us to provide an interface that better matched its use case.

The immediate difference is striking. The new, flat, interface looks a whole lot fresher. Your screen both contains more information whilst removing any clutter. Altogether it’s an interface that better works for customers that have a huge number of campaigns, and for those that have very little.


We have added detailed filtering options allowing you to find the campaigns which matter. Filter by the button your campaign is attached to, or by campaign type.


Campaigns can be sorted in a number of ways: from creation date, to popularity. This helps to organise things in a way which works for you.


The new Live search ensures results appear as you begin searching. Speeding up the time it takes to find a result.


We’ve put added emphasis on the archive functionality. Clean up your list of campaigns by archiving old – unused – ones. Just remember that once archived, you cannot reactivate! This serves to offer you a cleaner experience.

Campaign overview

By clicking on your campaigns within the list view, you can view a more detailed breakdown of their statistics and the rules which govern them. It is also here that you can take control of your campaigns – editing, duplicating, archiving, and more.

Campaign results

When we jump into the campaign results, you’ll first see the redesigned overview page. Offering informative graphs of your campaign results, and an overview of its success. However, the real data had moved to its own page…


By opening up the results tab you’ll find a fresh results table. Offering you far more control than before; you can now search and filter results directly from here by interacting with the table headers. There is much more versatility than the static table of old ensuring you won’t always need to export your results to manage them. Give it a try yourself to discover all of the added functionality.

Date filter

View specific results by the date you received them. Discover trends and more by filtering results by date.


A completely new feature, you can now visualise data in what ever manner you prefer. Choose the graph that best matches your data to visualise your users’ answers.

That’s a rough overview of the new campaigns interface. Of course, as with all things, your best bet is to jump in yourself to discover all of its added functionality. We guarantee you a great experience, if not there’s always the feedback button!

Reset interval (Campaigns)

Separate from the interface redesign, we have a new feature for our campaigns – the option to add a reset interval!

Add a reset interval to your campaign to make sure it shows again to all of your visitors after a specific period of time. Sounds like something for you? Give it a try by simply checking the box for reset on the scheduling page the next time you edit or create a campaign.

That’s all for this time, if you have any questions or further feature ideas or requests feel free to get in touch.

Oliver McGough
Passionate UX Designer and Marketer.