Usabilla Live Feature Update: July 2014

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We’ve been working hard behind the scenes here at Usabilla to provide you with the best possible tool for collection and analyzing user feedback. Usabilla and our products never stand still as we continuously update, adapt, and redefine the standard in user feedback.

This past month has been a busy one as we bring you 4 great new features to help get the most out of your site and its visitors:

  • New Targeting options for Usabilla Live campaigns
  • Restore unsaved campaigns
  • Create, edit and delete your labels
  • Automatically add labels to feedback items based on keywords in visitor comments

Target Specific devices, and more new targeting options for Campaigns

We now provide you with additional targeted trigger options for your campaigns. There are four new options in all:

  • Visitors using a specific device. Choose to show your campaigns to visitors using a specific device, namely: Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile – including individual device platforms such as Android and iOS.
  • Triggering whilst scrolling. This could previously only be set a certain number of pixels from the bottom of the screen. You can now set this to be from the top of the screen if you’d rather.
  • Cookie Triggering. Set your campaign to trigger only when a specific cookie, or cookie value, is present in your visitor’s browser.
  • Visitor has viewed x number of pages. Set your campaign to trigger only when a visitor has viewed a certain number of pages on your site. For example, you could now create an exit survey for people that bounce directly after coming in,

With these changes, you can get more out of your campaigns, and your visitors.

Forgot to save? Restore lost Campaigns

It is always a pain when our browser crashes, or we simply forget to save, forcing us to go back and start again. No longer is this the case.

Leading on from our announcement of Adaptable Campaigns last month, we now provide you with an added safety net when creating your campaigns.

More important than ever before with the added complexity of the campaigns you can now create, if you drop out of the campaign creator before saving we provide you with the option to restore your ‘lost’ campaign when you return. Simply hit the restore button to get straight back to creating that campaign.

We hope this will make your life even easier!

Improved feedback organisation with Label Management

New these past couple of weeks to Usabilla Live is the Label Management system. The label infrastructure of Usabilla Live has seen a facelift, and this is its core.

We give you total control of your labels; Create new ones, Colour code, Delete, and Edit. On top of this you can now view a detailed summary of the number of feedback items related to each label.

Manage your labels by heading to your Usabilla account settings and finding the ‘Manage Labels‘ tab.

Automatically add labels to feedback items

Leading on from Label Management, you can now automatically attach labels to feedback based on visitor comments.

When a visitor leaves feedback, if their comment contains a specific keyword you can set your button to automatically associate this with a label. Simply define the auto labelling rules for a specific button in your Button Editor.

This change can be found under Advanced Settings when editing a button, and will make the sorting and analysis of your feedback easier than ever.

Have further feature ideas or requests? Feel free to get in touch.

Oliver McGough
Passionate UX Designer and Marketer.