Usabilla Live Feature Update: August 2014

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We’ve been working hard behind the scenes here at Usabilla to provide you with the best possible tool for collection and analyzing user feedback. Usabilla and our products never stand still as we continuously update, adapt, and redefine the standard in user feedback.

This past month has been a busy one as we bring you 4 great new features to help get the most out of your site and its visitors:

  • New Graph Export for Usabilla Live campaigns
  • Additional categories for your data exports: Device and feedback types
  • Privacy statement integration on feedback form and campaigns
  • See feature updates from within your Usabilla account

Graph Export for Campaigns

In addition to the original CSV export, you can now also export your campaign data graphed in a PDF, or as a web page. Graphs are available for the following question types: Radio buttons, Checkmarks, Dropdown menus, NPS, and Rating questions. Graphs are also compatible with technical stats, such as visitor browser or operating system.

Aimed at making the analysis of your Usabilla Live campaigns quick and easy, we hope this graph export provides a healthy alternative to crunching numbers in Excel.

Please note, Graphs are only available on our Enterprise accounts.

Additional data categories on feedback exports

As per your requests, we;ve added two more additional categories to your feedback data exports. These are:

  • Device Type
  • Feedback Type

Device Type shows the type of device the feedback item was provided on. From Desktop to PC, you can see what your user is using and how this may relate to the feedback they have provided.

Feedback Type shows the type of feedback that has been submitted. This will be one of two things: Specific, where a user has opted to select a specific element on the webpage; and Generic, where the user is leaving feedback on the webpage as a whole.

Again, this will provide additional detail to your analysis.

Privacy Statement on Feedback Form & Campaigns

Ever wanted to share your privacy statement with your users the moment they give feedback on your site? With this new feature, you can do just that.

When in the form editior, under “Advanced” you can add a custom privacy statement link to your feedback form and campaigns. You can also use the info box to show a quick privacy statement.
Helping you to appear that much more trustworthy to your users.

Keep up to date with new features anytime

As evident right now, we’re constantly adding new features to Usabilla Live. To ensure you can enjoy any new changes, and remain up to date, we have added a dedicated Feature Update section to your account.

View these new feature updates by clicking on your profile picture in the Usabilla Live backend. Here you will find “Feature Updates”.

Here you can find any new updates and how they affect you, as well as browse any updates from the past.

Have further feature ideas or requests? Feel free to get in touch.

Oliver McGough
Passionate UX Designer and Marketer.