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We understand that, despite its endless optimization benefits, collecting user feedback may sound like yet another task to add to your daily arsenal. That’s why we’ve worked hard to ensure our Usabilla product suite integrates seamlessly into a whole bunch of existing tools and processes.

Our long list of integration possibilities means you can enrich and enhance your existing data without having to worry about disrupting productivity.

But, wait, why should you be integrating user feedback into your data collection methods?

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When it comes to optimizing your digital channels in order to stay ahead, some will tell you there’s no better resource than hard, quantitative data from analytics tools; while others will argue that rich, qualitative insights from user feedback is the way to go.

Well, the most effective way to get the information you need to optimize your digital channels is actually a combination of the two. Quantitative data may tell you what is happening, but integrating this with qualitative user insights will tell you why.

So, here’s how you can make the most of Usabilla, and how we can make the most of your existing toolkit.

Web Analytics X Usabilla

Web analytics are a great source for identifying where your users are getting stuck. The direct data they provide means you can drill down into the pages of your site that aren’t (or are!) converting. However, when it comes to why your pages are performing this way, incorporating qualitative data can save you a lot of speculation.

usabilla integrations

By integrating Usabilla with the likes of Adobe or Google Analytics, you can measure feedback and campaign events directly within your analytics environment to include qualitative data in your metrics.

By pushing events to your analytics platform of choice, you can create custom reports to show how your users are interacting with Usabilla, for example when they open/close a campaign, the mood rating they leave, or any comments submitted with a feedback item.

Integrating user feedback with your analytics data is the logical first step to initiate and drive the ideation process and is a great way of improving your understanding of where to direct your optimization efforts.

A/B Testing X Usabilla

Together with Usabilla, web analytics can present rich data on what is preventing conversions on your site and why. This, in turn, establishes the perfect environment for A/B testing.

Using an advanced A/B testing tool like Optimizely allows you to try out different variations of CTAs, images, copy etc. in order to improve the overall success of a specific page. It’s a great way to identify problem areas and can help to inform future design and UX decisions, but how do you know the things you’ve chosen to test are the right ones? Or once you’ve identified several elements to test, how do you prioritize which to test first? This is where qualitative data comes in.

Integrating Usabilla with your A/B testing tools opens up a new world of testing possibilities. It substantiates your test criteria and validates the need for the test in the first place; it can actually direct you to what needs to be tested. What’s more, user feedback can add a final layer to the optimization process by validating the end result.

When optimizing their website and rolling out new features, European online auction house Catawiki consistently asks for qualitative input. By running Usabilla In-Page alongside any A/B testing, the company is able to get real insight into which version their visitors prefer – ensuring customer sentiment improves with each iteration.

Session Recording X Usabilla

Session recording and heat maps are a fantastic way to capture the interactions between your website and its users. But, analyzing such a huge amount of information takes a lot of time. If you have thousands of recorded sessions, how do you know which ones are interesting (and valuable) to watch?

By integrating Usabilla with tools like Clicktale, Tealeaf, or Decibel Insight, you can easily pair feedback items with session recordings to get an in-depth and full understanding of the user journey.

usabilla integration

Revisit the user journey that resulted in a specific type of feedback, segment session recordings based on feedback data, or even track user behavior in real-time! For example, Decibel Insight’s advanced tracking technology means you can attribute an emotion with a particular action, such as a frustrated mouse scroll, then trigger a Usabilla slide-out to check-in with the user. Pretty neat, huh?

Global travel and tourism company, TUI Group, have recently integrated Usabilla with Decibel Insight to add a new dimension to their customer experience optimization. Digital Operations Performance Integrity Manager, Jamie Johnson, explains:

“We can’t wait to get really hands-on with the Usabilla and Decibel Insight integration. It will enable us to have a completely holistic view, combining screen session replays and heat maps with real-time user feedback. The ability to filter Usabilla scores within Decibel Insight and filter on Decibel Insight parameters within Usabilla, makes the data easy to access and valuable for all departments.”

Data Management X Usabilla

Using a tag or data management platform (DMP) has become integral to providing a foundation for any company’s data collection needs, as well as helping them to drive better customer experiences. Our Usabilla technology means feedback data, such as NPS or CES, can be sent directly to a DMP to enrich an established customer profile with real-time experience data.

usabilla integration

What does this mean? Well, imagine if you could tap into your user’s needs in real-time? Customize your UX as your users navigate through your pages?

Well, Usabilla can receive information from your data layer – the smart information layer that hides in the code of a web page or app – so you can target your users as humans and personalize their customer experience (CX) accordingly. Pair this with your DMP – such as Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager, Tealium, or Relay42  – and you can really hone in on specific customer data.

By combining both your DMP and data layer with qualitative Usabilla data you can react to mood score in real-time (e.g. by offering a promotional slide-out to dissatisfied customers), create personalized product pages, and use live data to follow up with users instantly.

Productivity X Usabilla

Usabilla’s integration capabilities are not only limited to data. We also fit seamlessly into a bunch of productivity and project management tools, so you don’t need to worry about disrupting the flow of your day. By bringing Usabilla to the spaces where your team members are already working together, it’s even easier to share and discuss feedback.

Our integration with project tracking tool, JIRA, enables feedback items to be automatically (or manually) pushed to a specific board. This means you can easily send bugs or issues flagged by your visitors to the teams responsible for solving them.

usabilla slack

It’s hard to talk about productivity without mentioning wonder tool, Slack. Integrating Usabilla with Slack will not only decrease manual exporting and emailing of feedback items; it delivers items (including all metadata) in real-time to a channel of your choice.

What’s more, with this integration you can effortlessly present and report data while demonstrating the value of our tool throughout your organization. Bart Luttikhuis, Product Owner at international airline Transavia, summarizes:

“At Transavia, we try to make customer feedback as accessible and transparent as possible; not only for our Development teams but the rest of the organization as well. By integrating Usabilla with Slack, feedback items are displayed in real-time and potential issues can be resolved quickly and efficiently. It’s also a great way for the whole team to see customer compliments coming in regarding newly released features!”

And there we have it. From Scrum to Slack, adding Usabilla to the mix will not only enhance your existing processes but enrich your data collection methods too – while you continue, uninterrupted.


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