How Usabilla helps Aer Lingus handle bugs and errors up to 50% faster
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How Usabilla helps Aer Lingus handle bugs and errors up to 50% faster

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The aviation industry is changing; the days of visiting a travel agent to browse through brochures or booking a trip over the phone are gone. Advances in and adoption of smartphones and tablets mean that online users have the freedom to search for and book flights how, when, and where they want.

With websites that revolve around this search and booking process, designing and optimizing with the user in mind is vital for the aviation and travel industry. Aer Lingus recognizes this demand.

So, when the top Irish airline launched its new website in Autumn 2015 it knew it needed a way to gauge customer opinion, detect potential bugs and errors, and ultimately optimize the renewed customer booking flow.

Why Usabilla?

Thanks to our notable success with many leading airlines – including Lufthansa, KLM, and Air France – Aer Lingus had faith in Usabilla’s competitive offering.

Alongside our advanced targeting options for surveys, customizable feedback button, and powerful screenshot functionality, a big part of Aer Lingus’ decision to partner with Usabilla was our extensive reporting capabilities. This includes:

  • Our selection of issue and project tracking software integrations
  • Automatic labeling to reduce huge volumes of feedback
  • Feedback for specific keywords and metadata to identify potential issue patterns
  • Daily or weekly report generation, automatically sent to a specific email address

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As Catherine Wilson, Lead UX Strategy Designer at Aer Lingus, summarizes:

“Usabilla enables us to pinpoint the issue and provides useful information, metadata, and visual context of what is happening. This reduces investigation and resolution time for these bugs by up to 50%.”

80,000 feedback items later

Over an 8-month period, Aer Lingus received over 80,000 feedback items – with over 20,000 of these coming from the feedback button alone! As a result, here are just some of the key results the airline have been able to achieve:

Reduced bug detection time by up to 50%

By opening this channel for instant feedback to their users, Aer Lingus are able to immediately detect and fix bugs, saving time, money, and resources. The data and screenshots attached to each feedback item provide invaluable context for efficient bug troubleshooting and reproductions.

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Improved booking and check-in flow

Throughout the 8-month period, Aer Lingus received over 20,000 unprompted feedback items from their in-page button, mainly flagging issues from the booking and check-in flow, as well as the ‘Manage My Trip’ area. These valuable insights still contribute to the customer journey roadmap and allow teams to quickly identify and remedy customer pain-points.

The validation of costly assumptions

Usabilla helps Aer Lingus to base their decisions and roadmaps on relevant user-generated data. Since teams are able to effectively communicate user pain-points to high-level executives using actual feedback items paired with detailed screenshots.

Established a clear ROI on website changes

Aer Lingus continuously implements user surveys on their new website to gauge customer opinion and satisfaction. The company methodically does ‘before and after’ reports to prove the impact of website changes with qualitative data; this supplements it’s award-winning Market Research and Voice of Guest programs.



Airline website users today expect a smooth browsing and booking experience across multiple devices. A user may well search via mobile, book via desktop, and check-in via tablet. Airlines need to pay attention to this shift in user behavior and make sure they invest in the cross-device user experience.

Luckily, as Aer Lingus continues to see, users are willing to leave feedback and actively pinpoint any problems. By collecting this kind of qualitative feedback, you can immediately identify bugs, errors, or simply things that don’t work the way your users expect them to. What’s more, with Usabilla’s option to leave specific, and not just general, feedback and unique screenshot functionality, users can immediately give context to their feedback without having to waste time and effort.

For more insights into optimizing the CX for airline websites, check out User Feedback Trends: Aviation – a report generated from the analysis of over 24,000 feedback items from some of the biggest airlines in Central Europe. Alternatively, you can watch our on-demand webinar with Aer Lingus’ Catherine Wilson.

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