How Usabilla helped Vodafone significantly improve NPS

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Traditional telecom no longer exists. Thanks to high-speed internet and ever-advancing technology, today’s users desire a customer experience that can keep up. Telecommunications mogul, Vodafone, recognizes this need and strives towards providing a great user experience. Keeping customer satisfaction levels high through continuous optimization, the company is constantly rolling out changes to improve their online presence.

However, achieving this promising objective initially presented some challenges for Vodafone. In order to overcome them, it was in need of a solution that would allow them to:

    • Gauge customer satisfaction and frustrations
    • Detect bugs and errors on time
    • Implement surveys in a fast and easy way to monitor changes


In their quest to meet these criteria Vodafone partnered up with Usabilla, largely due to the sheer flexibility of our tool. Employees are able to set up and activate surveys in a matter of minutes, plus the combination of our integration with JIRA and unique screenshot functionality enables the company to manage and handle bugs effortlessly.

Peter Honig, Digital Business Analyst at Vodafone, summarizes, “Usabilla enables us to continuously monitor and improve the customer experience on our website; we are able to identify issues and prioritize improvements in a quick and easy way.”


And now? Well, after receiving more than 19,500 feedback items over the period of a year, Vodafone has been able to:

Significantly improve digital NPS

By closely monitoring the impact of website changes – such as the bundle visualization feature – and fixing subsequent bugs or errors, Vodafone continues to boost customer satisfaction and, in turn, increase overall NPS.

Quickly detect and manage over 245 bugs

Usabilla assisted Vodafone in finding over 245 bugs that were flagged by users during this one year period. The bugs in question were directly funneled to JIRA (which integrates directly with our product suite) enabling employees to handle each one in a fast and efficient manner.

Improve first-time fix

Vodafone uses Usabilla to better understand the problems its customers face at specific points in their online journey. This then allows the company to address and fix these issues as soon as they are pinpointed.


Decrease customer support calls

By identifying user frustrations and pain points, Vodafone is able to continuously improve both the content and functionality of their website, resulting in a significantly smoother customer journey. This, in turn, means less customer support calls as users can easily find all the information they need.

Validate internal assumptions

Before rolling out changes based on internal assumptions, Vodafone can validate their intentions by proactively asking their users. The insight this provides drives website iterations in a data-driven and customer-centric fashion.

Build stronger client relationships

Using our solution Vodafone is able to understand what their users want and where they are getting stuck. By opening up this feedback channel, the company can easily listen to its website visitors on a larger scale and continuously improve the customer experience.

When it comes to communication between brands and their users, traditional channels are becoming obsolete. The current, connected generation favors methods that are quick, easy, and don’t involve picking up the phone. Users want to be able to have their say at the touch of a button or the swipe of a screen and at Usabilla, that’s exactly what we do. Get in touch to discover how qualitative user feedback can benefit your business.

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