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Usabilla Global Exchange: Finding Your Way Through the Feedback Economy

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This is part 1 of the series on the Usabilla Global Exchange 2019 (read part 2).

As we celebrate a decade of Usabilla, we would love to treat you with a very special edition of this year’s Usabilla Global Exchange. Combining 10 years of industry knowledge, 10 years of development and 10 years of building great customer experiences, the event will be all about you!

With over 350 attendees in 2018, the Usabilla Global Exchange is one of the largest international Customer Experience events held in Amsterdam. Whether you are a CX/UX professional, a Product Owner or Executive, we all learn from interacting with experts and sharing best practices with industry peers. We’re happy to provide this opportunity at the end of September.

What can you expect?

Held in the Beurs van Berlage, the former Amsterdam Stock Exchange building, this year’s installment of our annual Exchange is a must-attend for anyone serious about taking their organization’s customer-centricity to the next level. 

With multiple keynotes, product updates, demonstrations at our genius bar, industry insights throughout the day, and networking drinks to close off the night, you don’t want to miss the Usabilla Global Exchange.

For a taste of what’s to come, the event will feature presentations from Zander Lurie, CEO at SurveyMonkey, and many more.

One thing is certain: this year’s theme will be one for the booksFinding Your Way Through the Feedback Economy

But first…what is the Feedback Economy?

Just as the name indicates, the Feedback Economy is an economy driven by feedback. Whether it’s opinions, reviews, comments or compliments, feedback is everywhere. 

In recent years, new and fast technologies have allowed consumers to leave their thoughts anywhere, anytime. Just think about the critical comments on social; the Feedback Economy has certainly changed the rules of engagement between businesses and consumers. Even more importantly, consumers now expect their feedback to be heard and acted upon. 

Remember your last disappointing restaurant experience? Did you expect the restaurant manager to read your review and inform their kitchen staff? Sure you did. Do you also know that next visitors are less likely to go to that restaurant after reading your review? Sure you do.

You’re at the heart of the Feedback Economy. 

For digital products and experiences on websites, apps and emails, this reality is no different. That’s why knowing how to capture, analyze and act on feedback today is critical. If you’re curious how to navigate the Feedback Economy and turn visitors into customers, keep users coming back, and make sure employees are engaged, join us at the Usabilla Global Exchange. 

Last thoughts

A special thanks to our sponsors and integration partners Chattermill and Decibel for teaming up to make this event possible. We look forward to meeting and welcoming the CX professionals at one of the most beautiful venues in Amsterdam for this year’s edition of the Global Exchange.

While you’re here, take a look at last year’s eventConvinced yet? Click on the image below to secure your ticket now. We look forward to entering the Feedback Economy together! 

This is part 1 of the series on the Usabilla Global Exchange 2019 (read part 2).

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Meghan Horvath
Meghan is a Marketing Content Writer at Usabilla. She's a Chicago-native with a love for wine, French podcasts and running Amsterdam's canals at sunrise.