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Usabilla Exchange April ’15 (Roundup)

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Thursday 9th April marked the third edition of Usabilla Exchange. With a record 82 attendees, it was by far our most successful edition yet. The attendees played witness to insightful presentations from Skyscanner and Humix, sharing best practices and details of the use of Usabilla’s tools.

Exchange is a bi-annual event in which we invite our clients and prospects to discover more about Usabilla and our products. We provide the opportunity for clients to present their experiences with our products, and share best practices and ideas ensuring they can get more out of the tool.

For us, it is a unique opportunity to see the fruits of our labour in its natural environment. To see and hear our clients in person in order to both iron out frustrations and to grow in the correct areas.

The Evening

This year’s record 82 attendees, a testament to our continued successes and of the flexibility of our clients – able to make the trip to Amsterdam on a Thursday evening. As the first event held in our beautiful new office, we were eager to show off just what Usabilla has become due to the fervent loyalty of our followers.

The evening itself consisted of two presentations from existing Usabilla clients, segmented by break for delicious french cuisine cooked by Chef Nicolas.

The Presentations

The presentations themselves made up the bulk of the evening, providing a unique opportunity for our clients to share experiences and best practices. To learn the different ways in which they were using the tool.

We were privileged to have have both Lonneke Spinhof (Humix) and Omari Whyne (Skyscanner) present this time around.

Two different use cases for the tool, two perspectives, and two supremely interesting presentations.

Lonneke Spinhof (Humix)

Performing a top task analysis with Usabilla

Lonneke had the responsibility of kicking the event off with the first presentation. Representing Humix, a Belgian web agency, we were looking forward to seeing a difference perspective on our tool. Usually our clients are the ones using our tool; in her case, she is using the tool on behalf of her clients.

The focus of the presentation would be on conducting a Top Task analysis using Usabilla Live for websites. This is a UX/usability test aimed toward discovering precisely what your users are doing and want to do one your site. Understanding the tasks they want to perform and designing in line with this.

In this work, they found a number of best practices for Usabilla’s campaigns.

Humix’s key findings (When using Usabilla campaigns):

  • Keep it simple & to the point
    Give your users a survey that they want to fill out, don’t over complicate things.
  • You don’t get info from non-users
    Only target the people that matter!
  • Spread answers over a period of time
    In order to understand your user-base as best you can

The top task analysis is an invaluable tool in the UXer’s arsenal. It allows you to understand users and map their needs. And to be honest, we never realised this was something achievable with Usabilla! This is what made the presentation so interesting – to both see the success Humix had with it for clients &, and to learn a whole new use for our tool.

As a result, it was clear the crowd learnt something. A little something extra they could go to work with the next day and add to their uses of Usabilla.

Omari Whyne (Skyscanner)

Skyscanner & Usabilla

We were fortunate enough for Omari of Skyscanner to fly over from Edinburgh, Scotland. Skyscanner have been been clients of ours for 8 months now, with Omari heading their use of Usabilla within the organisation.

Omari spoke about Skyscanners use of Usabilla – their discoveries, troubles, and results. All elements that were of high value to both us as the product’s creators, and to our current and potential clients in attendance. Allowing us to see exactly how the tool is managed in the real world by such a large organisation.

The resulting presentation was fantastic. Omari presented a wealth of data from Skyscanner ‘usage of the tool. Detailing exactly how it helps their organisation. For us it was great to see someone speaking so enthusiastic about our creation, for the audience I’m sure great ideas were taken away.

Skyscanners key findings:

  • Usabilla has provided us with great insights into what users think about a particular part of our website
  • Bugs – Users discover things our testing team may have not picked up
  • Design – When changes are made to the website, we find out what users think through Usabilla.
  • One of our initial aims was to inform product development via user input – we have achieved this.
  • Usabilla really is a product that allows us to see the product through the user’s eyes instantly rather than at certain points in time where we ask for feedback

Hearing Skyscanner’s pain points and frustrations were especially valuable. Firstly integrating the tool into a pre-existing system of work – convincing his peers that this was a tool worth investigating. Right through to how they’d encountered troubles with campaign conversion, and resolved them. Information valuable to us from a product perspective, and for our clients potential and current, who I’m sure could echo his thoughts and frustrations.

Deeply engaged despite alcoholic distractions, on multiple occasions we had the opportunity to pause to reflect on what was being said as yet another passionate voice questioned Omari, aiming to delve deeper. In the end, as is always the case with these presentations, the audience stood up more knowledgeable than when they sat down. Congratulating Omari on a great presentation before rushing off to grab the last train home.


The evening was a stunning success. It was great to hear such rave reviews from our clients, the pure enthusiasm so many had for our products really makes all of the work we put into it worthwhile. It allows us to appreciate everything a little more, to know that we are not only creating something we love, but something loved by so many others.

On top of this, the presentations shown are just as valuable to us as they were the clients and prospects in attendance. It allows us to better understand how you use our products. Key insights that allow us to move forward and build something better suited to your needs.

Finally, our thanks for being a part of such a great event. We couldn’t do anything we do without you. For those that were unfortunate enough to be unable to make it, Usabilla Exchange IV will be held in the autumn – further details nearer the time. Till then, thank you.

You can find the full Usabilla Exchange photo album on Facebook

Oliver McGough
Passionate UX Designer and Marketer.