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Usabilla Exchange 2017: The Highlights

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2017 is certainly proving to be a busy one so far at Usabilla. Not only are our lists of satellite offices and clientele continuing to grow at a remarkable rate, but due to the influx of new employees, we’ve actually outgrown our Amsterdam office space!

With so much going on, it made sense to transform our, previously bi-annual, Usabilla Exchange into an annual affair – giving us time to make it bigger, bolder, and better than ever. And with record numbers attending last week’s event in De Hallen Studios, it looks like we’re onto something.

Missed out? Or simply want to refresh your memory? Here’s a quick recap of what went down.

Marc van Agteren: Usabilla Update

Marc van Agteren

As usual, our CEO Marc opened the night with a quick Usabilla update. He delivered some exciting news about our upcoming office locations – we’ll give you a hint, one’s across the channel and the other’s across the globe – as well as a sneak peek at our upcoming product roadmap.

Luuk de Werd: How TNT Involves Customers in their Digital Decisions

Kicking off the evening’s talks was Luuk de Werd, Global Manager of User Insights at TNT. He shared the company’s 4-step approach to creating a customer-focused roadmap and the role Usabilla plays in creating and maintaining such a task.

With the realization that digital is disrupting everything, TNT knew it needed to up its game if the company wanted to compete. This meant focusing more time and resources on their digital channels and that’s where Usabilla came in.

TNT relies on feedback from its users to continuously optimize its digital channels and, in turn, establish a relationship between Customer Satisfaction and revenue.

Hugo Charrier: UX, CX, and ROI: Scoring an Optimization Hat-trick with Usabilla

Next up, Hugo Charrier took the stage. As Ecommerce Manager at the third most profitable football club in Europe, Paris Saint-Germain, Hugo has certainly seen some ‘passionate’ feedback items.

The real joy though is how much using our product has contributed to the club’s revenue stream. Hugo shared a whole bunch of use cases demonstrating how PSG’s ticketing department implements Usabilla, including how one simple slide out campaign earned them over €90,000 in revenue!

Chris How: Yippee IA! Digital Experiences and Information Architecture

Chris How, a UX Consultant and Information Architect who has worked with the likes of the British Library and Metropolitan Museum in New York, was the final speaker to take the stage.

He set out with the goal to make each member of the audience a qualified Information Architect in just 20-mins and delivered an engaging series of lessons on the topic.

Chris explains that time is a precious resource to your user and great information architecture will give time back to them. In order to achieve this, he draws on the work of Richard Saul Wurman to break down the five ways in which anything can be organized: Location, Alphabet, Time, Category, and Hierarchy.

Beyond the Button Awards Ceremony

After the debut of Beyond the Button at our last Exchange event, we couldn’t wait to see what our clients had in store this time around.

Taking home the award for Most Creative Implementation was a company that actually inspired us to get started on a new functionality for our tool.

T-Mobile built its own internal feedback bar which pops up on a web page to display particular items that have been left on that page in real-time. The implementation not only makes life easier for T-Mobile employee, Wouter van Diggelen, but he finds it an excellent way to advocate Usabilla’s functionality throughout the organization.

Beyond the Button Awards

Meanwhile, Biggest Mood Score Improvement went to Dutch national rail service, NS. After a complete redesign of their website didn’t quite receive the results the company expected – including some feedback items that simply can’t be repeated! – NS listened to the needs of their users and, in turn, saw a 38% jump in average Mood Score!

Dinner, Drinks, and Networking

Finally, the evening was topped off with a phenomenal spread of food and drinks, alongside the opportunity for some serious networking. 

It was a fantastic night all round and we already can’t wait to get started on the next Usabilla Exchange!

All official photos from the evening can be accessed here. Did you or your colleagues get snapped? Take a look and give yourselves a tag!


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