Optimization Made Easy with Usabilla & Decibel Insight

Usabilla and Decibel Insight
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If you’re not tracking user behavior, you’re missing a big piece of the optimization puzzle. Decibel Insight offers the possibility to see exactly what users are doing on your site through session replays, mouse tracking, heatmaps and behavior reports.

Combine that with user feedback, and the possibilities get exciting!

Why you need this integration

Heatmap and session recording tools are very powerful, but analyzing such a huge amount of information takes a lot of time. If you have thousands of recorded sessions, how do you know which ones are interesting (and valuable) to watch?

By integrating Usabilla with Decibel Insight, you can easily pair feedback items with session recordings to get an in-depth and full understanding of the user journey. For example, if you receive a negative feedback item in your Usabilla dashboard, you could then immediately identify the user’s Decibel Insight session and watch to see what went wrong.

Within the Decibel Insight dashboard, the integration allows you to segment recordings by Usabilla feedback. For example, you could create a segment of all people who left negative feedback on a certain page, making data analysis even easier. 

How it works

  1. Decibel Insight information in Usabilla

Each Decibel Insight session has an ID. This ID becomes available in feedback items and campaign results as a custom variable. When a user has the Decibel Insight plugin installed in their browser, the Session ID becomes a clickable link that leads to the recording in Decibel Insight.


  1. Usabilla information in Decibel Insight

When a website visitor has interacted with Usabilla, this is identified in Decibel Insight and Segments are created. It is then possible to filter session recordings or heatmaps based on these Segments. The following interactions are currently pushed to Decibel Insight:

– Usabilla feedback button clicked
– Usabilla feedback item submitted (includes mood score between 1-5)
– Usabilla campaign shown
– Usabilla campaign submitted

It is also possible to create a Segment based on visitors that submitted negative feedback (mood score between 1 and 3).

Decibel Insight and Usabilla


The powerful integration is already being tested by big brands like TUI to add a new dimension to their customer experience optimization.

“We can’t wait to get really hands-on with the Usabilla and Decibel Insight integration. It will enable us to have a completely holistic view, combining screen session replays and heatmaps with real-time user feedback. The ability to filter Usabilla scores within Decibel Insight and filter on Decibel Insight parameters within Usabilla, makes the data easy to access and valuable for all departments.”

Got any questions about setting up your very own Decibel Insight integration? Get in touch with our Support team!

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Lana Miller
Content & Brand Manager at Usabilla.