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Usabilla is proud to have been selected by Joblift as the company’s new Voice of Customer solution

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AMSTERDAM–Usabilla B.V. ( is proud to have been selected by Joblift as the company’s new Voice of Customer solution.

The innovative job platform, which applies machine learning and data-based algorithms to create an optimal match between employer and applicant, aims to gain an in-depth understanding of visitor behaviour to better invest in the user experience.

By implementing Usabilla’s feedback solution on their platform, Joblift can collect real-time user insights through both qualitative and quantitative data. These insights will enable the company to improve the overall user experience, make customer-centric optimization decisions, and, as a result, boost conversion rate and revenue.

As Lukas Erlebach, founder and CEO of Joblift, explains, “Implementing a Voice of Customer Solution allows Joblift to increase customer satisfaction, detect bugs on the website, and integrate users in feature development.”

With the invaluable insights Usabilla provides, Joblift can better match the right applicant with the right job. A win-win situation for both the company and its growing user base.

Richard Prochazka, Usabilla Business Development Manager for the German Market, summarizes, “We are excited to partner with Joblift to further develop its user-focused strategy. We are confident that our solution can support the organization in becoming the go-to destination for job seekers of all levels around the globe.”

About Usabilla

Usabilla helps brands like KLM, Tommy Hilfiger, Philips and to improve the performance of their websites, apps, and emails with live user feedback.

Usabilla was founded with the belief that continuous user feedback is the key to any successful website, product, or service. Over 20,000 clients worldwide use our Voice of Customer solutions to improve user experience, increase conversions, and boost customer satisfaction.

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About Joblift

Joblift is a job search platform providing candidates with the most intuitive and frictionless experience during the recruiting process. Joblift applies latest machine learning techniques and big data-based algorithms to offer the optimal match between employer and job seeker.

Currently active in the US, the UK, Germany, France and the Netherlands, Joblift cooperates with over 4,000 partners to incorporate over 10 million vacancies on its platform.

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