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Usabilla 360: Exploring Data Visualization

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At Usabilla, we’re serious about feedback; after all, it’s at the heart of everything we do. We’re always talking about the value of listening to your users and the impact that it can have on improving your websites and products. That’s why, in the spirit of practicing what we preach, we launched Usabilla 360 last year.

Usabilla 360, you say?

For those of you unfamiliar with our 360 initiative, it’s a small, interactive panel discussion that takes place once every quarter with a handful of Usabilla clients. The purpose is to bring our users together so they can share their own Usabilla knowledge and best practices, while we get a better understanding of how people use our tool. Through this dedicated platform, we’re able to learn much more about what our users want and need from Usabilla all the while getting a deeper understanding of how we can improve our product suite. Told you we were serious about feedback.

The session itself is a combination of creative tasks, discussion, and brainstorming – clients are able to inspire one and another with their own take on how to best implement our tools, while we are able to get our users involved in the early ideation phase of developing new features and products.

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So, how did Edition IV go down?

In our fourth and most recent edition of Usabilla 360, the focus was how to best visualize data, in particular through the feedback dashboard. Attendees included representatives from Gemeente Amsterdam, PostNL, UWV, and Robeco, plus members of our Customer Success and Product teams. Although our 360 sessions often include a diverse collection of clients and industries, it so happened that this time all participants were from companies that regularly interact with Dutch society, mostly the service sector, which helped us establish some interesting common goals and insights.
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After each of the attendees had introduced the role Usabilla plays in both their day-to-day tasks and their company’s broader goals, we warmed things up with a short game. Our participants were split into teams of two and handed a piece of paper with a vase on it. One team member was instructed to destroy the vase, while the other needed to protect it – they did this by drawing the items that would use to achieve each goal. Once the ice was broken, we turned to the main tasks of the session. Each client was asked to design their own ultimate data visualization and analysis process. For the second exercise, participants had to draw this ideal visualization, based on the previously defined process.

As the tasks were being completed, each user began to share their experience with our tool and how their respective companies had innovated and integrated Usabilla in their own way. Seeing our clients interact and share knowledge in this way is one of the reasons we love hosting events such as Usabilla 360 or our annual Usabilla Exchange. We think it’s so important to be able to provide a communicative platform like this for our users!

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The outcome

Once the exercises were completed, the results were in, and the plate of snacks had been reduced to crumbs. Our Product and Success teams went through the results and findings to identify any common needs and/or pain points. Here’s a few we discovered, respecting the discretion of each company of course:

  • An issue that kept surfacing was the internal struggle when it comes to presenting the results and learnings gathered from user feedback to other departments or stakeholders. Users need an overview that presents KPIs and other relevant findings in a bold but effortless manner.
  • We recognized a common desire amongst participants for custom dashboards for different level users. For example, a Support agent would prioritize an overview of bugs and errors while Management would want to see KPIs.
  • The ability to pinpoint specific customer journeys and the feedback left along the way surfaced more than once in the activities and discussions.

Like most of our clients, each company in attendance of this 360 session strives to become more data driven. Implementing custom feedback dashboards is a big step towards helping our users achieve this. That’s why addressing the aforementioned needs is now on our Usabilla roadmap and we hope to collaborate closely with our 360 participants as we endeavor to build the functionality they need.

Interested in joining a future Usabilla 360? Send us a mail at or simply click below:


Please note: our sessions are currently run with in-person participants, meaning that they are held in and around the Netherlands. This may change for future editions where we include remote participants or there might even be the possibility of taking the sessions on the road!

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