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The Usabilla Global Exchange 2018: Key Takeaways

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2018 brought Usabilla lots of changes and even more insight with a growing number of clients and an exciting expansion into new markets.

Our headquarter office also doubled in size, which makes us happy to say that all Amsterdam teams are now working in the same space, just off Dam Square on Rokin. If you want to follow the latest happening over there, follow our hashtag #rokinit on Instagram!

With all the great developments, our annual Usabilla Exchange was the perfect place to celebrate and spread our vision of the future of customer experience. If you couldn’t make it this year or want a refresher of all of the insights shared, here’s a quick recap to fill you in.

The Numbers

  • 350 CX professionals attended
  • 10 speakers shared their stories: see program below
  • 4 sponsors showcased their solutions: Decibel, Tealium, AB Tasty, Chattermill
  • 2 awards were won: Most Innovative Implementation & Most Customer-Centric Organization

The Highlights

State of the CX transformation

Perception is often the reality, but when it comes to offering excellent CX, this is not quite the case. In fact according to Forrester research, many companies, around 80%, think they offer a very good customer experience, but not even 10% of their customers agree with that.

This is a very dangerous gap, the Customer Experience gap. It’s caused by something we call the Data Trap, which consists of gathering lots of quantitative data but is still missing the why or the qualitative part of data.

The Usabilla Global Exchange this year is meant to recenter enterprises to focus on the customer. As a company, you want to open up all channels to measure how you are doing. And not just if your product or service meets the need, but also if the experience is enjoyable.

How CX differs per region or industry

While there are of course differences between industries, everyone is impacted by the ‘Age of the Customer,’ the question is, how so?

Retail is an industry where the impact of digital transformation has been felt the most because it plays at both the consumer as well as business to business level. While traditional and digital retail may now be at similar levels, some would argue that digital will soon overtake traditional.

And though banking is a bit more on track, the biggest gain there is still based on the improvement of CX. It’s not only about getting to the number one position; it’s remaining there and really putting people at the heart of digital innovation.

There are also regional differences. In some areas, for example France and APAC, we see VoC as an upcoming part of companies’ digital transformation, whilst in the US this has been part of CX programs for a while now. This means that from now on, systems will be integrated more and more.

How technology & integrations will improve your tech stack

It’s safe to assume that integrations in the future will be a more important part of any tech stack when it comes to the Voice of Customer because companies need that 360 degree view. At Usabilla, we prepare our platform to be channel agnostic, so every feedback source can be added.

This is also one of the main reasons we have set up the Exchange in the way it was this year. We wanted to both share our roadmap towards the Future of Customer Experience but also to demonstrate that we are part of a bigger ecosystem of integrations, technologies, and services.

This is why we were pleased to see AB Tasty, Accenture, Chattermill, Decibel and Tealium joining our event. We are all part of the same community and combining our platforms and services add tremendous value to our customers.

Breakdown of Speakers

Welcome Word by Marc van Agteren, CEO, Usabilla

Our Guest Experience and User Research by Catherine Wilson, Lead UX Strategy Design, Aer Lingus

The Usabilla Product Roadmap (Ask, Analyze, Act) by Stefanie Kreek, Product Marketing Manager, Usabilla

Continuous Optimization of Customer Experience by Willemijn Sluys, Online Content Manager & Rick Weij, Senior Web Analyst, Tele2

How Decibel Insights helps you measure, benchmark, and improve customer experiences by Adnan Erriade, Global VP of Sales, Decibel

Workshop: CX in 2025! Create your own future, moderated by Usabilla Experts

How Centraal Beheer became the most customer-friendly insurance company? by Thomas van den Berg, UX & CRO Specialist, Centraal Beheer

What’s the future for Data Orchestration? by Khal Harris & Kirsten McLean, Digital Strategists, Tealium

Keynote Rabobank by Finbar Hage, Head of Data & Analytics, Rabobank

Award Ceremony

Together with Accenture, we recognize the most innovative and customer-centric organizations that work with a Voice of Customer solution. For this year’s awards, we invited participants to vote on their top pick during our Exchange event using a QR-code. For the Most Innovative Implementation, the public chose DHL and for Most Customer-Centric Company–Centraal Beheer (Achmea).

You can view all the nominees’ submissions in their short introduction videos –

Final thoughts

At Usabilla, we know that the future of CX will continue to develop. Our ambition is to remain one of the global leaders in this space, but we can only do so if we put people at the heart of our digital innovation.

It was invigorating to see some great meeting points at this year’s Exchange, whether at our Partner Booths or at the Usabilla Genius Bar. As a continuation of all of our efforts at the Exchange, we invite you to share, learn, network and connect, so that we as a community can improve and continue to build future-proof experiences.

If you want more info contact marketing@usabilla or if you’re interested in participating in next year’s event as a speaker or sponsor feel free to get in touch. We look forward to meeting and welcoming the CX professionals at next year’s edition of the Global Exchange!

Meghan Horvath
Meghan is a Marketing Content Writer at Usabilla. She's a Chicago-native with a love for wine, French podcasts and running Amsterdam's canals at sunrise.