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The Most Common Retail Nightmares (and how to fix them)

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We’ve all been there. You go into a store for a new outfit- immediately a sales associate greets you, and it quickly becomes clear they’re not going to leave you alone. You think: this isn’t worth it, and walk out. As it turns out, 1 in 10 customers will leave a store solely because of a pushy or rude sales associate.

Or, what about when you’re shopping on the go? Trying to order something on your commute, you accidentally forget to add your apartment number in the address bar and hit submit, and you have to go back and fill in the entire form again, credit card info and all. Ever been there?

Customers deal with way too many retail nightmares. Clearly, brands have room to improve their understanding of the user experience and the role it plays in the overall customer journey — especially given higher expectations for a seamless, convenient and engaging omnichannel experience.

Common retail nightmares include: 


  • The sales staff will not leave you alone
  • Ordering your product is too time-consuming
  • You can’t find what you want on the website
  • Shipping is costly and difficult to figure out


Sound familiar?

Retail looks way different in 2018 than it did in 2008. Mobile shopping is on the rise, large department stores are closing down, and more and more online businesses pop up every day. With eCommerce constantly changing, we wondered: how can you future-proof your retail experiences?

Unfortunately, we’ve all experienced some version of these retail nightmares. But, you can avoid them if you’re able to anticipate your customers’ needs and understand how they prefer to interact with your brand. The way to do that is to listen.

By listening to exactly what your customers want and need, you can optimize your in-store and online experiences to create the most memorable and enjoyable experience possible.

Many brands are guessing what their users want or relying on old methods which are simply failing to satisfy the ever-changing customers’ needs.

Want to learn more about the most common retail nightmares customers are experiencing, and how to stop them?

We decided to ask a group of shoppers about their retail experiences. We surveyed 2,000 US consumers and learned about the frequent frustrations that take place while browsing and ordering products online and in-store — and created a report on what you can do to fix them.

In this report, we discuss:


  • Frustrations while browsing and ordering products online and in-app
  • How the overbearing sales associate is annoying the digitally-savvy customer
  • The reason retailers haven’t figured out the mobile shopping experience
  • Why cart abandonment rates continue to skyrocket


Download the report here. We’ll walk you through scenarios that might feel familiar to you as a shopper yourself, and show you, as a brand, how to turn around these nightmare situations.