The Best UX Articles of September 2015
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The Best UX Articles of September 2015

on / by Sudar Ganes

At Usabilla, we love to share interesting content from the world of UX & design every day on Twitter. We also love to look back over the previous month and share our favourites. So it’s that time again, we’ve collected the best articles on the web and made a list for you to enjoy. These are based on our most popular tweets as well as the articles we’ve personally enjoyed. If you think we missed any other good ones, please feel free to tweet us or comment below.

UX Design Tips For Your App

By Clark Wimberly


This article is written by Clark Wimberly, a UX Desinger and writer at Invision. As with many of his articles, this one is another set of tips and tools to help designers. In particular, this article will help designers think beyond making a “gorgeous app”. Instead, he suggests making an app that’s beautiful from the inside out through a flawless mobile user experience. These tips are quick reminders and will help avoid design oversights.

Engaging New Users: Guided Interaction

By Krystal Higgins


Krystal Higgins is an interaction designer and storyteller who uses her blog as a means to discuss first time user experiences and product design. She uses her unique illustration and storytelling abilities to create deep dives into UX related topics. In this particular article, she discusses the do’s and don’ts of an engaging user-onboarding experience. She calls this process of engaging and onboarding new users “guided interaction”.

Apple’s Plan To Kill The Hamburger Menu

By Owen Williams


Year after year, Apple releases a new iteration of their most successful product, the iPhone. This year’s iPhone 6s gave us much more than we were expecting. Alongside many new features, what everyone is really talking about is “3D touch”. There has been a lot of buzz around the new feature and for good reason; it allows users to interact with the device on a whole new level. It adds a layer of interaction that removes excess information, increases task efficiency and enhances overall UX. However, 3D Touch has been circulating on popular tech blogs as “just a right click” or a way to “kill the hamburger icon”. Owen Williams writes an interesting article about Apple’s new approach with the iPhone as a means to kill the hamburger icon once in for all.

Why the Confirm Password Field Must Die

By Anthony of UX Movement


Ahh, the member sign-up page. We’ve all seen them, experienced them and even at some point despised them. Do you recall the moment when you sign up for a service or an account on a site and are asked to think of an intricate password? Then you’re also asked to retype and “confirm the password” you entered. Yes, granted that this field is a precautionary measure to ensure users are aware of the password they chose. However a study has shown that these fields actually lower the conversion rate of users completing their account registration. Check out this article to learn more about how these password fields increase user frustration and what you can do to enhance this experience.

What Do Companies Mean When They Say They Want a UI/UX Designer?

By Sarah Harrison


UX has become a highly valued topic that has spread its influence across the web and many industries. Many companies are seeking UX professionals and many people are looking to get into the field of work. However, many job postings often state that they’re looking for a “UX/UI Designer”. Now what does that actually mean? Do they mean a person who is proficient UX & UI designer, or someone who is specialized in one discipline and decent at the other? It’s a little ambiguous considering that both UX and UI are distinct areas of design. Sarah Harrison discusses the misinterpretations of what a UX designer actually does and how they work with other people in a company to get things done. Her writing is fun and entertaining to read.

8 Mobile App Trends Of 2015

By Christopher Meloni


It’s impossible to deny that mobile technology extends into every aspect of our day-to-day lives. Mobile trends change rapidly and evolve each year, continuing to enhance the ways we interact with the world. This quick read by Christopher Meloni gives us some insights into current and upcoming trends in mobile tech as we near the end of 2015.

5 Reasons to Use UI Patterns in Your Design Work

By Ben Gremillion


This interesting post by Ben Gremillion walks us through different UI patterns used in effective web design. These patterns can help us become better designers as they have associated underlying behaviours which can be used to create better products. Ben teaches us how UI patterns influence user behaviour, and how they don’t stifle creativity but are great foundations for it. Read more to learn how UI patterns can be used for effective web design and UX work.

7 Mistakes To Fix In Your Web UX Immediately

By J Subramanian


This article talks about common mistakes found in websites that deter from a positive user experience. Essentially, a quick yet informative reminder of best practices for good web UX. Some tips include unnecessary buttons, enhanced pathways, distinct content and much more. Many of these issues and mistakes discussed are things that can be easily adjusted and fixed to optimize web UX of your site.

Mobile UX: User Expectations Have Shifted

By Jennifer Aldrich


This is an in-depth article discussing how users’ technology has shifted at such a rapid rate to the point that good UX is the standard of user expectations. The article includes topics including the evolution of the smartphone, user expectations, mobile trends and disruptive technology.

Have you seen any other great articles that we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us!


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