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The Best UX Articles of October 2015

The Best UX Articles of October 2015 - Usabilla
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Here at Usabilla, we love finding and sharing great content. Every month, we take a look back at the best and most popular UX articles from the previous month that we’ve shared on Twitter (and some we’ve particularly enjoyed) and compile them in one neat list for you to share and enjoy :) So here’s our pick from October.

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Desirable UX: The Pillars of Interaction Design

By Jerry Cao

Interaction Design - Usabilla

As one of the central concepts in building a positive user experience, Interaction Design is firmly in the limelight. This article is a brilliantly comprehensive introduction to the discipline that covers the definition of IxD, the core principles, and a five-step process to better interaction design. A great resource for anyone interested in learning about IxD and how it fits into wider UX process. The five-step process is particularly useful.

4 UX Habits for Improving Interaction Design

Interaction design - Usabilla

By Jessica Lowry

“Interaction design demands continuous personal improvement. It’s a discipline that remains exciting because of the continual stream of new ideas and technical capabilities.”

This is the logical next read from the previous article; it talks about the most useful habits  for successful interaction design and how you can actually implement the concepts. It covers designing for clarity, decision-making, user behaviour and the overall design process. Full of insightful and actionable tips.

Unicorns, Foxes and Hedgehogs: The Reasons You Need Diversity in Your UX Team

By Jeremy Wilt

UX Unicorn - usabilla

There’s been a lot of talk over the last couple of years (and quite a lot of backlash) about the idea of the UX ‘Unicorn’ – a single person who is expertly skilled in all of the many different areas of UX. This post takes the idea of the Unicorn and applies other animal personas to team members who have a different set of skills. The gist of the article is that it’s beneficial for UX teams to be multi-skilled, animal names or no animal names.

Good User Experience Design is Good for Business

By Marylin Balsano

UX Good for Business - Usabilla

Investing in good user experience is becoming more and more important for businesses of all kinds. This post contains a nice overview of why you should be paying attention to (and investing in) good UX. It looks at the factors involved ‘below the surface’ of visual design and a couple of methods to measure the ROI. Although not the most advanced article, it can serve as a nice reminder for why good UX is necessary for business growth.

Best Practices & Examples of Excellent Responsive Design

By Jerry Cao

Responsive Design - Usabilla

Responsive design has been a hot topic for a long time now and users have now come to expect any site to perform well regardless of device type or size i.e. it must be fully responsive. However, it seems that some companies still haven’t caught up. This article is another great read from Jerry Cao of UXPin that covers everything you need to know about implementing responsive designs from format recommendations to minimalist layout principles. It also includes a handy cheatsheet.

User Experience Design – Best Sources to Learn UX

By Order Group

Best Resources to Learn UX - Usabilla

As the widespread need for good user experience design accelerates, so does the need to have a team of experts. Even if you are already well-versed in all things UX, this brilliant list of resources will help you and your team stay ahead of the latest developments in the industry. Never stop learning!

What Can UX Designers Learn from Architects?

by Ling Lim

UX and Architecture

“In both architecture and UX design, the context of the design can make or break the product.”

This is an interesting read about what the UX design process can take from the process of designing buildings and the similarities between the two disciplines. The concepts covered are designing in context, competitor research and the user journey. We always enjoy reading industry comparisons that give us a different perspective on what we know. UX is all around us!

SEO Is Dead: Long Live User Experience Optimization

by Zac Johnson

SEO is dead - Usabilla

Your main priority should no longer be optimizing your site for search engine bots, your priority should be optmizing your site for your users. Google is placing more and more emphasis on how easy it is for your users to interact with your site; a prime example of this was when they recently started penalizing sites for not being ‘mobile-friendly’. This article looks at why traditional SEO is no longer relevant and what you should be doing instead (hint: optimize your user experience!)

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