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The Best UX Articles of November 2015

Best UX Articles of Nov 2015 - Usabilla
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It’s that time again, where we take a look back at the best UX articles from the previous month. We love finding and sharing great content so we’ve compiled the most popular articles from November across our social media channels (and some of our personal favorites) into one neat list for you to share and enjoy!

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Why Users Care About How You Write Code

Why users care how you code - Usabilla

This post takes a look at the technical requirements and groundwork of a good user experience, suggesting that it should be a consideration that informs the way code is actually written. This idea of building the user experience from the ‘ground up’ is a really compelling concept that will become increasingly common as the focus on UX continues to gain momentum.

“The experience of the user is indirectly, but strongly coupled to how we build software.”

Why Understanding Customer Experience Makes You a Great UX Designer

CX UX - Usabilla

This is a great read for anyone who wants to understand the difference between Customer Experience and User Experience and how the two interact with and compliment each other. It covers metrics, technologies, channels and implications across the online and offline journey. A really useful resource for differentiating the two increasingly overlapping disciplines.

UX benchmarking - Usabilla

We all know that we should be investing in user experience but how do we know the value in actually measuring the efforts? This post looks at the wider benefits of setting benchmarks for your UX work. It looks at the impact on team culture and individual motivation as well as the design process itself.

How A/B tests Improved Add-to-Basket Levels By Almost 30%

AB testing - Usabilla

An insightful read that looks at the impact A/B testing had on one company. It’s always interesting to see the results that businesses get from utilizing optimization techniques, and the surprising things that come out of it (there’s usually at least one unexpected result!). Case studies like this are also great for inspiration when running your own tests; is there anything here you could apply to your own business?

How The Economist Injected Digital Into a 172-year-old Magazine

The Economist - Usabilla

Another great article from Econsultancy that deals with the ever-important topic of digital transformation. It looks specifically at how The Economist has injected tech into its very established, traditional brand. This post takes a closer look at the challenges involved in applying digital tactics to a non digital company and includes key findings from the process. Definitely worth a read!

How An Empathy Map Can Be Used To Understand The User Persona

Empathy Map - Usabilla

This is a fantastic resource for (as you might have guessed) creating and utilizing empathy maps and how they can contribute to understanding your users. With this article, you get a downloadable empathy map template so you can start following the steps that they outline right away; concise and actionable information!

Four Benefits of Aligning SEO and UX When Building Your Website


As UX becomes more and more important for businesses, so too does the implications it has on other disciplines. This article looks at the relationship between SEO and UX and why the two should be considered part of the same initiative. It looks at the main benefits of aligning your efforts including the impact it has on problem solving, error pages and data. An interesting read if you work with SEO or UX, or both!

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