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The 20 Best UX Articles of 2015 (Part 2)

Best UX articles of 2015
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Here we have it – the final 10 of our community’s favorite UX articles of 2015. From information architecture to empathy maps, we have an incredibly diverse list of articles that cover a variety of UX aspects. If you missed part 1 you can view it here. Enjoy!

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The Value of UX Research in Product Development

by Armen Ghazarian


As most of the chatter around user experience last year centered on the design aspect of UX, Armen looks instead at the value of research and how that fits in with product development. This post includes a great visualization on how research can solve user problems.

Your UI Isn’t a Disney Movie

by Sophie Paxton


By using a series of easily-digestible animations, Sophie clearly outlines what bad motion design is, and how to improve it. A great article that shows it’s important to favor functionality over aesthetics.

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Information Architecture

by UX Booth


UX Booth is an incredible resource for aspiring designers and UX-ers. Their latest beginners guide covers everything you need to know about the basics of Information Architecture as well as how it ties into design and UX.

The 10 Commandments of Good Form Design on the Web

by Johan Ronsse

10commandments - Usabilla

From font sizes to information clarity, Johan takes us through 10 Do’s and Dont’s that every designer should take note of when creating an input form.

What’s the Secret to UX

by Jose Caballer

whats_the_secret_UX - Usabilla

If you’re looking to get into the mind of a UX and content professional to better understand their process, this is the article for you. Jose includes a lot of information and his thoughts that are also part of a complete user experience training model.

Personalization: The Pillar of the Mobile User Experience

by Alon Even


What’s the key to making the most of mobile technology? Personalization. As limitations to customization are being stripped away, personalization shouldn’t just be an afterthought anymore – the user experience should be tailored from the moment it begins.

How to Use an Empathy Map for User Research

by Tadpull


A valuable tool that is often still not completely understood, empathy maps can significantly help in organizing a user’s thoughts and emotions in order to better understand and design for them. The Tadpull team published a very informative article that can help you better understand how to use empathy maps and how they drive user personas.

Landing Page Optimization – The Do’s and Dont’s

by Kristy Megan


The landing page is a crucial aspect in optimizing your conversion rate. Kristy highlights 18 must-read guidelines on how to maximize conversions and achieve a better ROI.

The Difference Between Customer Experience and User Experience

by David Fastuca


The term “customer” and “user” are often used interchangeably but this shouldn’t be the case. Even more so with “customer experience” and “user experience”. The article clearly defines the perimeters of both terms and why the distinction matters.

Why UX Design Patterns Works and How to Design For Them

by Ben Gremillion

UX design patterns - Usabilla

People are hard-wired to recognize patterns, and we look for them in every kind of visual design. Ben Gremillion writes a great article on why UX design works so well and how designers can exploit these pattern-seeking tendencies.  

That brings us to end of the list of the top UX articles of 2015. We hope you’ve enjoyed the articles! If you’d like to be kept in the loop about more great articles follow us @Usabilla or subscribe to our blog where every month we look back and share the top UX articles on the web.

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