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Usabilla for Apps: Targeted In-App Surveys Are Coming!

in-app surveys
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User feedback. It’s not only what we provide, here at Usabilla, but it’s what we believe in too. Collaborating with clients gives us a direct channel to build the products and features our users need.

That’s why we’ve been piloting a brand new feature for Usabilla for Apps with a handful of our enterprise clients. Taking their feedback into account with each iteration, we’ve been able to develop and improve our beta release of targeted in-app surveys – meaning it’s almost ready to go public!

Usabilla Product Owner, Tjerk Muller, and Mobile Designer, Gijs Bakker, put together the following post summarizing the learnings and importance of this client collaboration, alongside a sneak peek of what’s to come later this month:

A word from our mobile product team

in-app surveys

The Usabilla product department takes a lot of value in collaborating with our clients. Most recently, we’ve doubled down on our efforts to provide our clients with the most advanced Usabilla for Apps platform yet. We are currently in closed beta but we’re on track for a public release this fall!

The development of our new platform focused on client co-creation from the start. Instead of inferring customer needs, we were able to use client feedback to co-create the best possible solution together in a private beta. This has enabled us to gather valuable insights on each iteration, making our product stronger every release.

Making the most of mobile moments

The primary problem we set out to tackle is how to gather insights from our client’s end-users during mobile moments. Mobile moments are short time frames in which the user of an app engages with the app. Reaching out to the right audience is a critical part in the mobile moments – it’s important to be able to target a specific user journey, behavior, or status.  

in-app surveys

What do my users think of a newly introduced feature? How do my users experience the checkout process? Questions that require actively approaching app users during the relevant mobile moments. As opposed to our existing passive feedback button, which requires users to take the initiative to share their experience.

A brand new solution

The need for targeted in-app surveys was very clear. Our customers are already extremely engaged with the targeted survey feature in our Usabilla for Websites product and often request a similar functionality for Usabilla for Apps to gather the same invaluable insights from their app users.

To understand the need behind these requests, we approached our clients to ask how they would each use this active method of collecting feedback. We created user journeys and use cases of how our clients would use targeted in-app surveys and how their end-users would interact with them. Alongside this, we talked to many of our clients’ product and development teams that already work with the existing Usabilla for Apps platform.

Collaborating with clients

From these initial insights, we started sketching the interaction designs, creating mockups and UI designs. Next, we decided to pilot a minimal viable product (MVP) of the new targeted in-app survey feature with a handful of our most engaged enterprise clients.

in-app surveys

Incorporating an MVP into our process means we can go live (in beta) with a bare bones product. It allows the selected clients to give their input and enables us to close the feedback loop with every iteration we build. Through short sprint cycles and frequent delivery of working software, we’ve developed a tight collaboration between product, design, and development.

The importance of feedback

We decided to pilot the feature not only to challenge our own assumptions about what our clients need but because feedback is so ingrained in our company culture. 

Throughout the piloting process, we’ve been able to successfully manage several pain-points and resolve a number of bugs. However, the biggest discovery we’ve made is that we could have defined a much leaner MVP and provided our early adopters with the initial release even sooner.

in-app surveys

Get ready for targeted in-app surveys!

Since the private beta release has been received with so much enthusiasm, we’re super eager to get the product out there for the greater public. Like we say, feedback is what we believe in and we believe Usabilla for Apps is about to be the best it’s ever been.

So, what can our Usabilla for Apps clients expect to drop later this month? Here’s a sneak peek:

  • Target the right audience: target your desired user group at precisely the right moment to encourage great conversion and valuable feedback.
  • Tailored to your needs: shape your surveys to suit your needs with custom defined user events, statuses, and metadata.
  • Stay user centric: snooze surveys so your users are never interrupted during critical activities.
  • Look the part: match your apps existing design with our extensive customization options (no development resources required.)
  • An updated SDK: effortless implementation which requires only two lines of code.

Stay tuned for more updates – targeted in-app surveys are coming!

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