SJ Adopts a Customer-Centric Approach with Usabilla

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  • ‘Listening to the user’s voice is the most powerful tool you can have. Usabilla empowered us to do so.’

—Johan Wistrand
Customer Experience Manager, SJ

The Project

Industry: Railway
Using Live Since: June 2014

SJ, headquartered in Stockholm, is the largest state-owned train operator in Sweden. With over 5,300 employees, SJ serves 160 stations between Narvik and Copenhagen.

SJ initiated a project to rebuild their current website and decided that the voice of their customers would be the main driver in this process. In order to facilitate this customer-centric approach, SJ selected Usabilla. SJ implemented Usabilla on their beta website in order to collect feedback and develop this new website in an agile and structured way.

The Challenges

  • SJ’s current website has a stagnant customer satisfaction rating of 59, which is classified as “average”.
  • SJ previously used a surveying tool that posed significant limitations: they did not have immediate access to data, a continuous flow of feedback, nor a clear overview of customer sentiment.
  • The feedback SJ previously received was generic. Specific issues and bottlenecks could not be pinpointed.
  • SJ wanted to prove that even though they are a state-owned company, they are modern and really listen to their customers.
  • SJ rates customer satisfaction on a scale of 0-100. Their objective is for their new beta site to reach a rating of 70 before it goes live at the end of 2015/beginning of 2016.

The Solution

  • ‘I can gladly recommend Usabilla. I love the fact that I can access all the feedback data at any time.’

—Johan Wistrand
Customer Experience Manager, SJ

In order to have a user-centric and agile approach to the development of their new website, SJ implemented Usabilla.

With Usabilla previous challenges were solved as users could give specific feedback across all devices and clearly pinpoint areas for improvement. With the feedback SJ collected, they were able to drill down to the details; something that was essential in ensuring their new website could outperform the old.

Usabilla helped SJ to:

  • Engage with their customers and allow them to voice their opinion at any time, on both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Have immediate access to live feedback data. • Highlight the fact that they are really listening to their customers.
  • Redesign their new website based on what their customers really want.

The Results

After receiving over 2500 individual feedback items and processing the results, SJ:

  • Identified that the public wanted a clean, modern and responsive website.
  • Estimates that their new website will boost customer satisfaction and conversions.
  • Improved the overall design, usability and navigation of their new website.
  • Built a redesigned train timetable and streamlined the ticketing process.
  • SJ rates customer satisfaction on a scale of 0-100.
  • Their objective is for their new beta site to reach a rating of 70 before it goes live.
  • Efficiently prioritised the development of website improvements with Usabilla, thus saving time and resources.
Oliver McGough
Passionate UX Designer and Marketer.