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It’s the wonder tool that is making companies on average 32% more productive. Its implementation reduces internal emails by 48.6%, meetings by a further 25.1% and, perhaps most impressively, improves team culture by 79%.

So, it’s safe to say our integration with communication tool, Slack, is one that will make your working day easier, more pleasant, and more productive.

A winning integration

Over 50 of our enterprise clients currently benefit from our Slack integration, where Usabilla feedback items can be pushed, both manually and automatically, to a Slack channel of your choice. Connect each button to a different channel or multiple buttons to the same channel; either way, it’s the quick and easy way to share and discuss feedback.

Bring Usabilla to the space where your team members are already working together; delivering a user’s mood score, comment, and screenshot in real-time, alongside a public URL to the feedback item. Because this metadata is publically available, it’s ideal for companies with limited Usabilla members. What’s more, with this integration you can effortlessly present and report data while demonstrating the value of our tool throughout your organization.

How it works

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Get started with your own Slack integration in just a few simple steps. Everything can be set up by logging into your Usabilla account and heading to Account Settings. From there you can navigate to the Live Integrations tab, where you’ll see our extensive list of third party collaborations, alongside the integrations you have already activated.

As you set up the Slack integration, you can select exactly which button(s) you would like to connect as well as whether you want to push feedback items manually (i.e. by clicking on an item in the backend) or set up an automated flow. This automatic push can include all feedback items – which we only advise for low volume accounts – or be limited to items that include either a comment, an email address, or both.

Once your preferences are saved and you’ve authorized the connection with Slack, it’s simply a waiting game. As soon as a feedback item is received that matches your criteria, it will instantly display in the relevant Slack channel and your team can get straight to work. Pretty smart, huh?


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Transavia, international airline and part of the KLM-Air France group, make extensive use of our Slack integration. One example is the items they filter directly into their Product Owner and Development channel. Having this process in place enables Developers to fix small technical issues the instant they appear in Slack, without the POs having to factor them into the roadmap. Bart Luttikhuis, Product Owner in Transavia’s Digital team, summarizes:

“At Transavia, we try to make customer feedback as accessible and transparent as possible; not only for our Development teams but the rest of the organization as well. By integrating Usabilla with Slack, feedback items are displayed in real-time and potential issues can be resolved quickly and efficiently. It’s also a great way for the whole team to see customer compliments coming in regarding newly released features!”

Got any questions about setting up your very own Slack integration? Get in touch with our Support team!

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