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Rabobank has Implemented Usabilla to Create Seamless Digital Experiences

Usabilla Rabobank voice of customer solution
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Amsterdam, (10th of July 2018), Rabobank has implemented Usabilla’s Voice of Customer Solution (VOC) to better understand its customers and their journeys through Rabobank’s digital channels.

Earlier this year, Rabobank won the 10th edition of the CustomerFirst Awards in the “banks” category. This award is used to highlight the most customer-friendly organization in the Netherlands. With the foundation of a Digital Transformation Office (DTO) and the expansion of the company’s tech stack, Rabobank is making huge steps towards delivering on its ambition of being customer-centric across all its channels. An important step in this transformation is also the implementation of a VOC solution like Usabilla to incorporate direct user feedback into its digital propositions.
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According to Finbar Hage, Head of Data & Analytics: “Implementing Usabilla was a no-brainer for Rabobank; we want to be digitally on the ball and with Usabilla we can make those final steps to optimizing the overall customer experience.

One of the first steps has been to dive into the customer journeys and see where our customers are facing their biggest issues. This allowed us to focus on solving these problems and to improve the overall experience. We will build on this by combining quantitative and qualitative data. After this, in-depth analysis of specific journeys we will provide the valuable building blocks for the ideal customer experience.  Rabobank also has a number of longer and more complex customer-journeys, with Usabilla, we will be able to optimize these journeys step-by-step.“

According to Roel Jansen, CCO at Usabilla; “Rabobank already is a frontrunner when it comes to improving Customer Experience. With the implementation of our solution, we believe that Rabobank can continue to differentiate itself and put the customer at the heart of operations.”

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