Personalize Your Customer Experience in Real-Time!

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Here at Usabilla, we’re a big advocate for users. In fact, we’ve built our whole product suite around opening up the channels between you and your users; so they can tell you what’s working and, more importantly, what’s not.

After opening this channel for communication so users can leave direct feedback through Usabilla surveys, widgets, and campaigns; it seems logical that the next step should be responding to the emotions of your users. Yes, through collecting quantitative and qualitative data you can optimize your website or app to anticipate their needs, but what if you could tap into your users needs in real-time? Customize your user experience (UX) as your users navigate through your pages? Now, that would be impressive, right?

Well, we’ve got a little something up our sleeve. Usabilla can receive information from your data layer – the smart information layer that hides in the code of a web page or app – so you can actually target your users as humans and personalize their customer experience (CX) accordingly.

What the hell is the data layer?

The data layer is one of three elements to make up the technology stack that delivers an interactive customer experience on your website or app. Sitting between the user interface (UI) and the applications supporting the functionality of your site, this layer is responsible for transferring visitor information from one to the other.

In a well-constructed data layer, this information can easily be accessed from the browser and can therefore be accessed by other tools, such as Usabilla. Often data layers are closely connected to your tag management system and can thus be used to fire all sorts of tags to a specific target audience.

The data layer can hold all sorts of information including – but not limited to:

  • An encrypted user ID
  • Location, language, or timezone of the user
  • The user’s subscription information
  • Information about your user’s behavior
  • Information about the page, such as page title or meta tags

So, what tricks can I do with the data layer?

Access to the data layer means you can collect more accurate analytics data, combine this with the qualitative feedback you receive through Usabilla and you can better understand what visitors are doing on your site and where they need you to improve. Interpreting this data then means you can personalize the CX for their next visit or session.

1. React to mood score in real time:

Offer your users custom content depending on the feedback or emotional rating they leave. Using the data layer, you’ll be able to direct happy content towards your unsatisfied visitors, whether it’s a slide out campaign offering up a discount code or simply more positive visuals. If users are leaving a satisfied response, then why not offer access to a loyalty program or encourage them to leave you a more public review (i.e. on your social media platforms). Plus, encouraging loyalty like this should reflect nicely in your ROI.

2. Create personalized product pages:

With access to the data layer, your buyer personas no longer need to be hypothetical. Run a simple (or targeted) Usabilla campaign to discover your user’s needs and intentions, then use their preferences to personalize and validate the customer experience. If you’re an ecommerce platform, this can be as simple as asking a visitor’s size or color preference in order to present a custom product view. This focused content is not only memorable but encourages more conversions and an all-round better UX.

3. Use live data to follow up directly:

By running a Usabilla exit campaign, you can see if your users achieved their defined goals. Plus, integrate these results with a third party tool, such as session recording, and get valuable insights into the path users are choosing to take and why. You can then use these insights to personalize the CX further when the same visitor returns. Combining Usabilla with information from the data layer allows you to really identify user friction whilst creating a truly memorable user experience.

Contact our Support team to discover how you can use Usabilla to pull relevant user insights from the data layer and innovate your own customer experience. After all, your users are more than just a number – treat them that way.

Robyn Collinge
As Usabilla's Copywriter, Robyn brings nice words together - like peanut butter, napping, and Sunday brunch.