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Optimize & Dine: Launching Our Partnership with Decibel Insight

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One of the great functionalities of our product suite is its ability to integrate with a whole bunch of tools and processes.

We’re always on the lookout for innovative companies we can work with to make our clients’ lives easier by ensuring Usabilla enhances their existing toolkit as opposed to adding yet another task to their daily list.

And our most recent integration with behavioral analytics software, Decibel Insight, is one we’re certainly excited about.

Usabilla X Decibel Insight

By integrating Usabilla with Decibel Insight, you can easily pair feedback items with session recordings to get an in-depth and full understanding of the user journey.

A step ahead of standard analytics, Decibel’s advanced technology means you can dig deep into the nature of user behavior on your site, including the ability to recognize mouse and cursor patterns.

This means a Usabilla campaign could be triggered in real-time based on, for example, a frustrated mouse movement detected by Decibel’s tracking capabilities. Pretty neat, right?

Both teams have been working extremely hard to ensure our technologies sync seamlessly, and after successfully consolidating our efforts, we decided to take things further and launch an official partnership with Decibel Insight.

decibel insight usabilla

And what better way to celebrate this than a night of optimization and fine dining at the prestigious Sushi Samba in London.

The launch of our partnership

Together with Decibel Insight, we invited a handful of our UK enterprise clients to Sushi Samba – a unique London hotspot offering up an eclectic fusion of Japanese, Brazilian, and Peruvian cuisine and an unparalleled 360 view of the city.

As our CEO, Marc van Agteren, noted in his welcome speech, “we wanted our clients to have an exclusive experience and help bring [them] all together to push peer-to-peer learning… to delve into the issues [they] are facing in the online customer experience and optimization industry right now.”

Our clients have invaluable experience using our tools to optimize and improve their digital touchpoints. Bringing the likes of Sainsbury’s, British Airways, IKEA, and HelloFresh together, we just knew there’d be a lot of ideas to exchange.

decibel insight usabilla

Optimize & Dine

After a phenomenal dinner, special guest and celebrated speaker Craig Sullivan (@optimiseordie) took to the stage to deliver an insightful presentation.

Demonstrating the necessity of optimizing any online experience, Craig presented a series of profound use cases and offered up six rehab tips to help any company get back on track.

decibel insight usabilla

Looking to the future

All in all, the night was a real success. Attendees were able to take home valuable insight into how Usabilla and Decibel Insight go hand in hand to create a highly optimized and pain-free customer experience.

We’ve already got some great ideas for further events and as our partnership flourishes, we’ll continue to push boundaries and establish innovative solutions that ensure our clients stay ahead of the game.

And how can we guarantee the time for this? Well, that’s a whole announcement in itself…

In further exciting news

It’s time to get the strawberries out and crack open the Pimm’s, because Usabilla’s latest satellite office will be opening in London town this Summer!

Our UK team can’t wait to be able to work with their clients on a much more personal level, all the while tapping into an incredibly exciting market.

Sound like your cup of tea? Good news, we’re still hiring. Take a look what’s on offer here.

Doors are expected to open on August 1st and, of course, you’re all invited to the office warming. We’ve heard the view is pretty spectacular.


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