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Our 5 Favorite UX Articles (06/2013)

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June has passed and with that summer has officially started. While some of us take it slow during this time of the year, others seem to be even more eager to share incredibly rich content with the community. Thanks to all the thought leaders and writers out there for promoting the concept of user centered design – and for sharing their thoughts and insights on a wide range of web, design, and UX related topics.

From this month’s top 5 UX articles, you’ll learn:

  • The 7 principles of conversion-centered landing page design
  • How to gain support for UX through the mind, heart, and environment
  • Thirteen tenets of user experience
  • Whether or not flat design has made our sites too simple
  • Why what you say in your sales copy matters more than how you say it

1. The 7 Principles of Conversion-Centered Landing Page Design

The 7 Principles of Conversion-Centered Landing Page Design by Oli Gardner, published on HubSpot.

“Conversion-centered design (CCD) is a discipline targeted specifically at designing experiences that achieve a single business goal. It seeks to guide the visitor toward completing that one specific action, using persuasive design and psychological triggers as devices to increase conversions. Landing pages sit at the heart of CCD…”

This is a great read for anyone responsible for or interested in online conversion.

2. How to Gain Support for UX Through the Mind, Heart, and Environment

How to Gain Support for UX Through the Mind, Heart, and Environment by Catriona Cornett, published on inspireUX.

“Getting an organization to invest in user-centered design and user experience can be challenging. Politics, organizational structures, past experiences, and ingrained processes can make change difficult. Only by understanding the needs of others and reducing friction between UX and the organization can you successfully increase user experience’s influence…”

Are you involved in the user experience of your product, website, or company? And have you struggled with convincing others about it’s importance? Then this is a perfect read for you.

3. Thirteen Tenets Of User Experience

Thirteen Tenets Of User Experience by Robert Hoekman Jr, published on Smashing Magazine.

“In my career as a user experience professional, part of my purpose has always been to help push our profession forward. And I’ve had the great privilege of being able to do just that in a myriad of ways — by writing books and articles, speaking at conferences all over the world, delivering in-house training workshops at wonderful companies, and simply doing the work for a great many clients.”

In this article, Robert offers us a great list of personal beliefs that he has gathered over the years on the value of user experience strategy, design, and designers.

4. Has flat design made our sites too simple?

Has flat design made our sites too simple? by Kendra Gaines, published on Webdesigner Depot.

“The designs we used to make were elaborate and colorful. They were fantastical and made people feel like they were mystical creatures hidden by the cloud of reality. Fast forward to now and if I showed you all some of the graphics I made during this time, you’d critique me harshly and probably continue by laughing at some of the choices I made. I would (and have) too…”

This article offers interesting insights on how our perception of design has changed and helps you think about current design trends more critical.

5. “Say What!?” Why WHAT You Say In Your Sales Copy Matters More Than HOW You Say It

“Say What!?” Why WHAT You Say In Your Sales Copy Matters More Than HOW You Say It by Guillermo Rubio, published on the Daily Egg.

“When it comes to writing effective sales copy — the kind that moves people to action — knowing what to say is far more important than how you say it. Far too many copywriters and marketers spend the bulk of their time obsessing over choosing the perfect words, checking their grammar, and revising countless drafts, all to make sure everything is ‘just right.’”

You should read this if you are a copywriter or in any means empowered to criticize and improve the copy of your (company’s) website.

Sabina Idler
Sabina was technical writer & UXer @Usabilla for 5 years before she started her own UX research and consultancy firm; UXkids. With UXkids, Sabina leverages her academic research expertise, know how in child development, and strategic vision to help companies build successful digital products for children. You can connect with Sabina on Linkedin or follow her on Twitter.