Usabilla X Optimizely: Summer Optimization Workshop

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User feedback and web experimentation are great processes on their own and can give you tangible, actionable results. However, if you want to be truly data-driven and user-centric in your approach to optimization, you need to combine quantitative and qualitative sources to deliver the seamless digital experience your users are looking for.

But, where to start? So much data can seem overwhelming, we get it.

Optimizely X Usabilla Summer Workshop

That’s why we teamed up with experimentation platform and our newest partner, Optimizely, to host a Summer Workshop about the impressive optimization benefits of using our solutions in tandem.

usabilla optimizely integration

Our very own Solutions Consultant and speaker at the event, Sven Cune, explains, “We wanted to demonstrate the power of combining user feedback and experimentation and show how easy it is to achieve this with the new Optimizely/Usabilla integration.”

Plus, we invited the team from global airline KLM to share their experience combining experimentation with user feedback to achieve customer-centricity and continuous innovation.

The main event

Martijn, Sr Manager of Solutions Engineering EMEA at Optimizely, kicked off the workshop with some interesting customer experience statistics. Customer expectation is higher than ever, with 76% of consumers expecting an organization to understand their needs.

Martijn explained, “customer experience is your competitive advantage and the best way to unlock innovation is with experimentation.” The notion of experimentation may induce a feeling of risk and uncertainty for many brands and businesses, however, that’s where the Optimizely/Usabilla integration comes in.

usabilla optimizely

Sven and Martijn explained how a combination of qualitative and quantitative data can not only show you what is and isn’t working on your website, but also tell you why. Using platforms dedicated to this purpose, such as ours, you can spend less time on setting up and running tests and more time on analysis and results.

Finishing up with data-driven use cases from enterprise names, plus a real-time demo of the simplicity of the integration, it’s safe to say Sven and Martijn got the room excited about the possibilities of combining experimentation with user feedback.

Next up, Grazia Arboleo and Stijn Bannier from KLM took the stage to explain how using both Optimizely and Usabilla have helped them to become truly customer-centric across all touchpoints.

user feedback a/b testing

The global airline includes user feedback gathered from Usabilla in every stage of the development cycle. It helps them to deep dive into the huge amounts of valuable data they receive, particularly from A/B tests.

Presenting concrete examples and use cases, including the recent addition of KLM packages to the booking flow, Grazia and Stijn showed how experimentation continues to deliver a clear ROI for the airline. They even experiment with the way they ask for feedback, A/B testing a slider with a star rating!

“When team members feel a connection to the user they are more willing to experiment and come up with a solution.”


After the talks, Optimizely put on a fantastic rooftop barbeque and attendees enjoyed networking in the Amsterdam sunshine. We managed to grab Stijn for a quick chat about the impact Usabilla has on his day-to-day workload as Sr. Business Consultant and Product Manager of KLM’s mobile team. He summarized:

“Including user feedback in our day to day processes means the whole team can take the user’s opinion into account. Users are no longer only accessible to the forward facing teams, e.g. Sales and Business Development, but they become a responsibility for everyone.”

user feedback a/b testing

In terms of the ways this benefits his team, Stijn continues, “It also means the Product and Development teams can respond more effectively to individual feedback items. When team members feel a connection to the user they are more willing to experiment in order to come up with a solution.”

Why you should be combining web experimentation with user feedback

So, has all this got you thinking about combining web experimentation and user feedback, so you too can reap the optimization benefits?

Here’s a quick rundown of what combining these two super powers can help you achieve:

    • Start by determining where users are getting stuck. Qualitative input direct from your users enables you to identify areas where you need to introduce experimentation, which may have previously been overlooked.
    • You can then begin running experiments such as A/B testing on that particular area, continuously gauging reactions to each variation by opening the channel of communication with your users – either with a simple passive feedback button or targeted surveys triggered on specific test variations
    • Through Optimizely analytics, you know now which variant performed better but with Usabilla you will also understand why.
    • Validating your decisions doesn’t have to stop there. Continue collecting user feedback on the winning variation to prove the value of the process and check if further iterations are needed.


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