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Oh What a Night: Usabilla Exchange

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We’ve certainly been busy these past six months over at the Usabilla HQ. With both our employees and clientele growing at a remarkable rate, there’s been some pretty exciting changes coming our way. So, what better way to round this off than with this year’s second installment of the Usabilla Exchange. And boy, what an evening it was.

This edition saw our biggest turnout yet, with over 320 attendees, meaning we were able to host it at Amsterdam’s captivating Hermitage Museum.


Marc van Agteren: Usabilla update

After some introductory drinks and bites, the evening’s talks were kicked off by our very own CEO, Marc van Agteren. He gave a brief Usabilla update, commenting just how far we’ve come since our first Exchange three years ago – where a modest group of 20 sat around our then-office with a pile of take-out pizza. He also revealed the very exciting news that we’ll be opening not one, but two new satellite offices in both London and Berlin!

Wouter Brackel & Kamil van Buuren: Aligning the multichannel customer experience

The first presentation of the night came from the Netherland’s biggest high-end department store, De Bijenkorf, who have been a client of ours since November 2015. Speakers Wouter Brackel, UX Lead at, and Kamil van Buuren, UX Designer & Researcher, shared their experience creating a seamless customer experience across all touchpoints with the help of Usabilla.


Although De Bijenkorf use our full product suite to increase overall NPS and conversion rate, their presentation focused on our website product. Kamil and Wouter spoke about their first ever Usabilla survey, an exit survey in their checkout which uncovered a big problem with their address form. They also demonstrated how they’ve taken the tool offline in order to share the in-depth product knowledge of their physical store employees with the e-commerce team. A feature for which they brilliantly coined the term ‘abusabilla’!

Marc Worrall: Defining a successful digital roadmap with user feedback

Next up, we had Marc Worrall representing TUI UK and Ireland, the largest tour operator within the UK. With over 11 million unique online visitors each month, Marc shared how TUI are redefining their digital roadmap with the customer feedback they receive through Usabilla.

Usabilla has helped TUI to discover what their individual user groups really want to see when booking a holiday or tour. From the development of their ‘free child place finder’ to encouraging the implementation of separate responsive platforms, Usabilla has assisted TUI significantly throughout their ongoing digital transformation.

Marc spoke of his experience learning the Usabilla best practices but also how this helped TUI develop their own within the company. And most importantly, how Usabilla has helped TUI users to discover their smile.

Karl Gilis: How to create better A/B tests based on user research

Our third and final presentation of the night came from usability veteran and co-founder of AGConsult, Karl Gilis. He gave attendees a surprisingly humorous insight into his world, the world of A/B testing.

Debunking myths about A/B testing best practices, Karl offered up his own top tips through a series of use cases. He highlighted the importance of putting aside your ego by selling the way users want to buy, and not the way you want to sell. Drawing on Avinash Kaushik’s wise words that “great marketing starts with not sucking”, Karl offered up his two cents on how we can best connect the dots with the tools we already have to create effortlessly usable customer experiences.

Beyond the Button Awards Ceremony

This year, for the first time ever, we introduced our Beyond the Button awards focused on exceptional implementations of our Usabilla solution.

KPN took home the award for ‘Biggest satisfaction score improvement’ after seeing their online customer satisfaction score increase by 70% in just one year. This remarkable improvement highlights the impact listening to your users can have on the overall customer experience.


Meanwhile, implementing Usabilla on iPads throughout their offices and on their intranet, Transavia encourage their employees to give feedback about their personal feelings on a daily basis. This input is then collected by HR and used to improve their Employee Satisfaction Index, which is displayed live on several office dashboards. This original use of the Usabilla tool won them our ‘Most creative implementation’ award, and we can’t wait to what our users come up with next!


Finally, the evening was topped off with a phenomenal spread of food and drinks, alongside the opportunity for some serious networking. It was a fantastic night all round and we already can’t wait to get started on the next Usabilla Exchange, which will take place in Spring 2017!

All official photos from the evening can be accessed here. Did you or your colleagues get snapped? Take a look and give yourselves a tag!

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