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A New Year’s Toast to Better Buyer Journeys

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While the holiday season is an exciting time, you’re not alone if by January you were grateful the madness was over. Whether deciding which gifts to buy or dealing with complex websites, avoiding unnecessary customer frustrations this time of year is crucial to sales successes for the seasons to come.

In that spirit, we invite our customers to join us for New Year’s drinks at our Amsterdam office on Thursday, January 24th. Let’s share the struggles faced last year with online experiences for our customers and nip these in the bud for smoother shopping ahead.

Tackling buyer frustration

When it comes to online gift buying, the last thing your customers want is to deal with an overly complex website or worse–problems at checkout. Imagine they reach their online shopping carts to finish a purchase and find out that the listed payment methods fail to mention the card they intended to use. If the final steps of an online purchase are anything but seamless, what can you do but expect your customers to scream and swear away gift-giving with your business next year?

Shifting to mobile purchases

According to a Forrester study, digital touchpoints now impact more than 50% of total US retail sales with smartphones alone impacting more than one-third (or $1.2 trillion) of total US retail sales in 2017. As digital increases in popularity, businesses must keep up with optimized platforms or else lose customers.

This is why customer feedback is crucial.

When a site’s landing page bounce rate suddenly spikes, for instance, it’s helpful to know the reason. Usabilla’s Voice of Customer (VoC) solution provides you with the ‘why’ behind the data, so you know what to fix and can make adjustments rather than shooting blindly to correct issues.

Implementing VoC

As organizations turn to us for a VoC solution, we assure you that you will notice the difference, and shopping frustrations during the holidays and year-round will become a thing of the past.

We all have exciting times ahead and we at Usabilla would like to share our plans and vision with you. Let’s compare experiences, connect on our goals, and more importantly, let’s toast to the New Year and to the start of better buyer journeys.

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Meghan Horvath
Meghan is a Marketing Content Writer at Usabilla. She's a Chicago-native with a love for wine, French podcasts and running Amsterdam's canals at sunrise.