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New Live Capture Functionality for Usabilla for Apps

Online sellers use mobile phone to take pictures of shoes sent to customers.
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For modern companies, there is a growing number of opportunities to capture feedback from customers. That’s because the smartest brands collect feedback across every possible touchpoint, from online to offline.

At Usabilla, we understand that customer journeys don’t stop at the digital platform; the offline experience is just as important. Connecting online and offline feedback, the new live capture functionality on Usabilla for Apps goes beyond standard customer feedback. Live Capture is an integrative new way for customers to leave feedback so that you can continue to capture insights across all touchpoints on the customer journey.

During last year’s Exchange event, we provided a sneak peek at the opportunities we envisioned on mobile when it comes to feedback collection. One of those opportunities was photo feedback that would enable organizations to capture feedback about an experience in a live environment via Usabilla for Apps. With the release of our new SDK for Android and iOS, it is indeed now possible to add a live photo to your feedback item!

How does it work?

When visitors leave feedback in-app, they have the opportunity to add a screenshot or a photo from their library. With the new functionality, the App will ask permission to access the user’s camera. When permission is granted, a live photo can be taken and added to the feedback item.

Next to the opportunity to take the picture, the user is able to add text and drawings to the photo to give more context about the issue or just to simply remove or cover sensitive information. The photo will then be made available in Usabilla as a normal screenshot. This new functionality expands on our existing means of feedback collection. You can now receive customer feedback beyond what exists within the App.

The whole picture (and more!)

Think of measuring the customer’s experience in a store. Whether waiting lines, unclear discounts or products that are incorrectly placed, this can now all be captured quickly and communicated to you as an organization. Another example might be measuring the customer’s experience in an airport. From unclear routing, confusing maps and broken luggage, all these sources of friction can now be captured with Usabilla in a 360 customer view.

Last thoughts

We’re all about getting you one step closer to understanding your customers’ experience with your brand. Only with rich insights do you have access to the full picture so you can ask, analyze and act upon their feedback. The new Live Capture functionality is a strong addition to the Usabilla product that will leave your customers feeling heard and you with the information you need to efficiently improve.