New Feature: Adaptable Campaigns for Usabilla Live for Websites

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It’s 2014, the internet is growing at a higher speed than ever before – and with it the importance of designing user friendly and engaging websites. For many industries, conversion rates have become a synonym for success.

Customer expectation, ability and needs evolve constantly. Trends come and go. Technology changes. At Usabilla, we never sit still – we believe in the power of continuous user feedback!

With Usabilla Live for websites, we provide you with the tools to ask your visitors what they think and feel whilst browsing your website. Create the best possible user experience, turn visitors into loyal users, and increase your conversion – by providing a strong customer voice.

New campaign features

It is time to take our current campaigns a step further. With our new campaign features, you can (1) add multiple pages to your campaign, (2) redirect your customers to different pages of your survey, and (3) show or hide questions based on previous answers. This way, you can offer an individual and unique survey experience to each of your visitors.

Our new form editor also includes new question types and a modified, responsive, preview option.

Let’s take a look at the new campaign features one by one:

1. Multiple pages

Ask your questions one at a time or create different sections – each on a separate page.

Targeted Usabilla Live Campaigns are perfect for reaching out to customers in an active and engaging way. Up until now, you could only show one page listing all of your questions. With extensive surveys, this could easily become overwhelming for your visitors.

Now, you can add multiple pages to your campaigns. Ask your questions one at a time, or create different sections – each on a separate page. Your customers go through the survey page by page with a clearer focus on each of your questions.

This multi-page setup is available for both Full Page and Slide-out surveys.

2. Page-jumps

Depending on the answer, you can direct your customers to different stages of your survey.

Often, not all questions are relevant for the specific customers in hand. Before, you had to segment your customers before inviting them to participate in your survey. Now, you can redirect them to different pages of your survey depending on their answers.

By defining simple jumping rules, you can let people skip certain pages depending on their answers. This allows you to create custom paths through your survey, providing everyone with the questions that are really relevant to them.

3. Adaptable questions

Depending on different answers, you can show or hide questions in your survey.

With our adaptable questions you can gain even more in-depth insights from your customers. Based on visitors’ answers, you can now show or hide further questions. This allows you to dig deeper in some cases, and remain on the surface in others.

The following question types can be used for controlling the visibility of follow-up questions:

  • Radio buttons
  • Checkboxes
  • Dropdown menus
  • NPS Score.

4. New question types

Make use of the new NPS, and Rating fields

With our revamped campaign builder, we add further customisation options. Two new question types have been added allowing you to ask more of your website users. There are:


A Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a marketing analytic used to gauge the loyalty of a firm’s customer relationships, serving as an alternative to traditional customer satisfaction research. (More can be read on NPS here).

We recently added support for this 0-10 scale to our Usabilla Live feedback forms, and its relevant dashboard, and have now made this support universal with the inclusion of an NPS option within the new campaigns.


Seen in the image above, this rather simple addition which to help to add additional power to your campaigns. This is a mix between traditional radio buttons, and the NPS options. What you measure is up to you, as is the size of the scale.

5. Responsive preview

We now offer improved abilities and options to alter the placement and dimensions of your campaigns. Previously, campaigns were rooted to your feedback button (with the exception of a full page survey). This provided very limited scope for placement.

In our revamped campaigns, placement is independent. You choose where you want slide outs to appear. You can choose how wide or high they are. You have complete control.

Finally, within our editor this is all displayed by our new responsive preview. This shows you precisely how the slide out will appear to your visitors. You can even play with your browser’s resolution to see how it will format and change to match each available screen size.

Oliver McGough
Passionate UX Designer and Marketer.