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We’re going up in the world! Usabilla moves to a new HQ

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Yesterday was another landmark day in Usabilla’s history. It marked the first day of work in our new, modern penthouse office overlooking Amsterdam’s Dam Square. An office which is proof of the great progress the team here has made over the past year.

Just 14 months ago, a team of 12 people sat in a cramped 90m2 office on the Rokin in the middle of Amsterdam. With no room for new colleague, we jumped to a beautiful home on Keizersgracht – one of Amsterdam’s famous canals. At the time the place felt giant. There was a lot of extra space which we never expected to fill. Yet, just a year later and having over doubled our numbers, Usabilla had grown so rapidly that it was time for yet another change of scenery, from 90m2 to 900m2.

Here they are in order:

It didn’t take long until the new Usabilla headquarters was found. Coincidentally this meant a return to Rokin, though this time a little higher up, and a little bigger than the cramped office we had squeezed into before.

At this time the new Rokin office was still under construction and we would have to wait several months to move in.

In November enough construction had been completed for the whole team to visit. Thus began the war for the best desk space, the ideas for crazy office decor and a united love for the huge roof terrace.

When the 16th of January finally came round we packed up everything at Keizersgracht, ready for the Sunday move. With enough furniture to fill 3 removal trucks, we could thankfully rely on the elevator to get everything to the top of the building.

And of course once we had everything inside we celebrated with a lot of Chinese food and a little bit of table tennis.

It’s only our second day working in the office, but it’s hard to imagine getting bored of the 360 rooftop views across Amsterdam. We have a lot of plans for 2015, continuing to improve our product and expand the business and who knows, maybe before long this office will feel cramped as well.

Our New Address

Should you need it , our new address is:

Usabilla B.V.
Rokin 16
1012 KR
The Netherlands

Bryony Watson
Online marketing intern at Usabilla