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Why a Mobile Strategy & In-App Feedback Matter

Why a Mobile Strategy & In-App Feedback Matter
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The importance of your customer’s experience online is growing faster than ever. Mobile has become the first channel millennials worldwide use when solving a problem of fulfilling a need. Therefore, these ‘mobile moments’ have become more important than ever for brands. Also, when it comes to revenue. Forrester predicts that mobile will influence over one-quarter of retail sales by 2021. In the UK 50% of all online sales already takes place via mobile. Focusing your efforts on a customer-centric approach through this most used device is necessary to be future-proof and keep revenue coming.


Founded in Amsterdam, MOBILE STRATEGY works with customer-facing brands to create integrated, engaging and creative mobile experiences. If you want your app to stand out from the rest and truly benefit your business, you need a mobile strategy that is aligned with all customer touchpoints. 90% of engagement time on mobile devices was within apps in 2017, the potential for in app sales and brand engagement will sky-rocket in 2018. The digital natives at MOBILE STRATEGY maximize your mobile moments and ensure you deliver a personalized and striking app experience that not only leaves your users satisfied but delighted and rewarded.

Why a Mobile Strategy & In-App Feedback Matter

There are endless variations of potential mobile moments. Whether your customer is pursuing your app in-store, or trying to contact your support team about a lost package in the back of an Uber, you must be able to cater to various users in different situations. Remember, offering a 5-stars app experience starts by developing a comprehensive mobile strategy.

Usabilla for Apps

You might wonder, how do you measure the success of your mobile strategy? Or, how do I continue to improve my strategy in the ever-changing mobile environment?

That’s why Usabilla developed Usabilla for Apps. The Usabilla solution allows you to collect insights without interrupting the user-journey. You can target the right customers at the right moment using an in-app survey. For example, you might ask a customer after she checks out:

“And you’re done! Mind if we ask how easy it was to buy these jeans?”

You can also find out how satisfied your customers are with your app as a whole, or with specific features. With custom-defined user events and metadata, you can deploy a whole range of standard targeting options such as user language, completion of x or y step—and of course, you can always add triggers of your own.

Whether your app is focused on customer purchases or simply informing your audience, the in-app targeted survey solution adds direct value to your organization through increased in-app conversion and boosting customer loyalty.

Why a Mobile Strategy & In-App Feedback Matter

Future-Proof App Design

Engaging and exceptional mobile moments begin with mapping out a comprehensive strategy that fits your brand. Prepare for the future by putting your users first, and continuously test and validate your strategy by listening to your users.

Learn more about collecting feedback in your app here and how a mobile strategy can benefit your brand here.

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